Radhika Apte: The known Star with an unknown story

Gone are the days when Indian audience loved the “hero’s love interest” or a female presence on the screen. Whose only job was to look pretty and support the male actor. Talking about a modern day actress who believes in performance and talent, Radhika Apte is one such name that pops up first in the mind. Let’s know her story in little Radhika Apte biography.

Background check:

Radhika belongs to a family of doctors settled in Pune. Her father Dr. Charudutt Apte chairman of Sahyadri Hospital was a neurosurgeon. Yet, she was free to go for her choice of profession.

  • Born in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, Radhika Apte’s childhood is associated with Pune.
  • Radhika was home-schooled with four more friends.
  • She is an economic and mathematics graduate.
  • Along with acting she also learned drawing, painting, and singing.

The beginning

With a dusky skin and sweet voice, with no acting background and no support in the film industry, it wasn’t easy for Apte to shine.

  • She began her career with 2005 Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao starter Vaah! Life ho to Aisi.
  • She worked in the theatres after it till 2009 when Rahul bose saw her perform and suggested her name for Antaheen.
  • She then appeared I 2009 Marathi film Gho Mala Asia Hawa. Followed by many other regional and short films.
  • In 2010 she was seen in The Waiting room, Rakt Charitra and Rakt Charitra 2.

Fallen star:

As the saying goes life is never a bowl of cherries, struggle was real for Radhika and sure she lost at first but she rose like a true hero and proved the world her worth.

  • With so many projects and least recognition Apte lost her confidence. Her days in Mumbai and the struggle was feeding on her faith on herself.
  • In 2010, Radhika Apte returned to Pune and decided never to go back to Mumbai.
  • She even left for London to learn contemporary dance for a year.
  • She has even witness rejection for being overweight in a commercial in 2010.
  • All of this let her stay in Pune, even after returning from London.
  • She was type-casted as the village girl.

Rejection is a part of every business. I used to take it very personally, but then I realized that businesses don’t work without rejections.”- Radhika Apte

The Climb-

Radhika Apte husband, Benedict, who met her in London gave her much needed strength when she was shaken and took a back seat from films. But today the list of Radhika Apte films are full of unusual and wonderful films.

  • In 2011 she appeared in I Am and Shor In The City, from where she never turned back.
  • Her work in Ha Bharat Majha (2012) was appreciated in various film festivals. Her further work in regional films such as Tukaram and Dhoni further garnered her appreciation throughout. One cannot say Radhika Apte Tollywood actress, as she has been working actively in all the regional languages.
  • In 2014 Apte gave five releases in various languages including the most talked about Lai Bhaari and Legends.
  • Radhika appeared in eight films in 2015 including Badlapur, Manjhi-the mountain man and Kabaali.
  • Phobia and Parched introduced the audiences to the brilliant actor that Apte was.
  • Talking about Radhika Apte Netflix and Radhika Apte series, she has stunned audiences with her performance in Sacred games, Lust Stories, and Ghoul.

Along with Padman in 2018 and many other short films and net series, Radhika Apte has become one of the most promising and renounced actor of her time. Her hunger for better and different roles and her ever mesmerising performances have paid off the struggle she faced.