150,000 Stranded UK Holidaymakers To Be Rescued by Billionaires’ Private Jets

As the aftermath of Thomas Cook’s collapse began to unfold, stranded passengers have been earnestly looking for ways to return home.

The situation looks grim, but a glimmer of hope is evident with the potential intervention of concerned billionaires. Currently, it’s estimated that up to 150,000 stranded travelers will be rescued by the billionaires’ private jets.

Private jets vs. commercial jets

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Commercial jets can accommodate more passengers than private jets. However, it takes a long process before an airline company can schedule a commercial plane flight. More importantly, launching a commercial plane will incur costs for the airline company – a fiscal risk that shouldn’t be taken lightly by anyone involved.

Private jets, on the other hand, are lighter, faster, and under the full discretion of their owners. If the owner wants to schedule a flight, the private jet will set to the skies right away. Experts believe that bureaucracy plays almost an insignificant role in launching private jet flights. It takes approximately 1000 private flights are needed to rescue the 150,000 stranded UK holidaymakers.

Word on the street is that prominent figures such Amancio Ortega, Carlos Slim, James Richman, François Pinault, and other prominent billionaire figures are likely to help. With the government planned Operation Matterhorn and these bigwigs backing, the rescue operation for Thomas Cook passengers has a great chance of being successful.

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What will others do?

In total, almost 600,000 people were stranded when Thomas Cook suddenly collapsed. Even though the billionaires will extend help, thousands of travelers still need to look for other solutions.

The British Government, working alongside with Civil Aviation Authority, has launched a global repatriation effort to help the stranded Thomas Cook passengers. Dubbed as Operation Matterhorn, this initiative will require immense resources, time, and the coordination of many officials and leaders. Commercial aviation analysts are certain that logistic troubles might arise and proper adjustments are needed.

Thousands of passengers are left with no alternatives but to purchase alternative bookings from Thomas Cook’s competitors. According to New York Times, the stranded passengers were absolutely gutted because their planned vacations were shattered. While other events continued, many guests failed to attend because of the additional expenses.

Hotels and vacation resort owners were also hit hard because of their current standing deals with Thomas Cook. Payment delays are expected – which in turn will affect the operational processes of hotels and resorts. Eventually, experts say, the affected passengers will receive the full financial blow.

Other potential complications

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The collapse of a 178-year old airline company won’t just fade into memory. Up to 21,000 jobs are in peril and tourism hot spots might take a significant financial hit. In Greece alone, Thomas Cook has contributed a healthy flow of tourists as well as in other thriving European countries.

Thomas Cook’s collapse has also opened a vacuum which is expected to be filled by the airliner’s competitors.