5 Famous Celebrities who were born Male, but now are Gorgeous Females


Who says that a male can’t look as gorgeous as a female? Today, let’s take a look at famous celebrities who were born as a male but turned them into stunning females!

Jefferee Star:

Do you know about Jefferee Star? Jefferee Star is not just a famous YouTuber or an Interment Influencer; he is also a multi-milliner with a successful makeup brand “Jefferee Star Cosmetics”. While some people recognize Jefferee as an American Pop Singer, most of them recognize him for his bold, vibrant, and sexy female appearance. Take a look at his transformation from a man to a woman!

Gauri Arora:

Splitsvilla 8 contestant, Gaurav Arora was one of the strongest participants in the show. Later in his life, he decided to transform himself into a female and he also has undergone a sex-transplant surgery. The end results of the surgery are really sometime to see! Today Gaurav Arora aka Gauri Arora looks as gorgeous as a by-born female!

Kim Petras:

Kim Petra has proven a known fact “Beauty knows no gender”. If you would take a look at her today’s picture, you won’t even believe that she was a male and has changed her sex later! Kim Petras’s transformation from a male to a female will not just leave you shocked but you have to admit that she looks like an amazing beautiful woman! Point to note; this famous German pop singer and song writer transitioned her sex at an early age.

Nikita Dragun:

There a very few YouTubers or Beauty Gurus who are internationally recognized and Nikita Dragun is one of them. The journey of Nikita Dragun from a trans-gender to becoming a female was not so easy! She has to undergo a long sex-transition surgery after which her life was changed! Within a very short time, she has managed to develop a stable YouTube career with so many international subscribers. Also, she is working on her own hair-wig line! Check out how gorgeous she looks today as a woman!

Nikki Chawla:

Do you recognize Nikki Chawla, the Indian Model who appeared in a web series of MTV named Church? Her gorgeous looks will not make you believe that she was a man at her early ages! Even the producers of Church didn’t know about her past and that’s why she has to face a lot of criticism as well. Many people sent her hate comments, saying that she lied about her gender just to raise the TRP of the web series!

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