7 Beautiful (and Cheap) Cities to Spend Your Christmas Holidays

Christmas holidays bring many positive things with their leisure time, family reunions, and the one thing that most of us love the most a chance to travel for a few days. Surprise your loved ones by booking a last-minute Christmas trip to one of these wonderful cities. You can check out ebooking. They’ll love it!


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London is perfect for experiencing this magical time of year at its best. There, you can enjoy the street lighting, the Christmas markets in Leicester Square and Southbank, the ice skating rinks, the incredible shop windows and the fireworks at New Year’s Eve next to Big Ben and the London Eye. If you visit the city with your family, you can’t miss the Winter Wonderland amusement park in Hyde Park or the spectacular Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square.

To spend Christmas in London, the cheapest way is to fly with one of the low-cost airlines and stay in hostels or AirBnB on the suburbs. The best way to get around in London is by using public transport, with the Oyster card, which you can buy at any underground. However, remember that on December 25th there is no public transport available.


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The Danes invented the hygge concept -the idea that simple, beautiful, and cozy things make you happier, and in Copenhagen, there are plenty of hygge things to do at Christmas. The Tivoli Gardens are famous for hosting the best Christmas market in the area, with roller coasters, craft stalls, beer, cabaret, and all sorts of gastronomic delights. How could you not love it?

New York

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New York is perfect, a destination where you can travel in December during Christmas time. If you go to New York at Christmas, you’ll probably be lucky enough to find the city completely snowed in, and it was a real treat to see the frozen Central Park Lake or Times Square bordered by 20-centimeter layers of snow.

The windows and lights of Fifth Avenue, the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, Central Park all covered in snow, the numerous ice skating rinks, the carols blaring through the city, the improvised Santa Clauses at the doors of the shopping malls ringing their bells…

The Christmas spirit of the Big Apple has reached us through films and series, and it is undeniable that it has a special charm that makes New York one of the most beautiful cities in winter.


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It is well known that Bruges is a fairytale city, so where better to spend Christmas than in a city where you will feel like you are inside a postcard? Bruges hosts a Christmas market from 24 November to 2 January, but if you don’t like crowds, immerse yourself in the history of Bruges by walking its cobbled streets, drinking its delicious beer, and sampling some of its finest chocolates.


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One of the most attractive economic destinations in Europe for Christmas travel, which is far from mass tourism and has sublime beauty in Ljubljana in Slovenia.

Ljubljana is one of the most beautiful small cities in Europe and is all pure romanticism. It is surrounded by hills and sheltered under the imposing castle that rises above the city. The river Ljubljanica goes through the city, and it has a charming old town vibe.

During winter, the Christmas illumination and the mysticism of winter give it a fairytale feel, and you can walk along the river banks, cross its historic Dragon Bridge and Triple Bridge, among its warm terraces full of people, get lost in its streets, Tivoli Park, the Castle Hill, the Town Hall, Mstni Square or Stari Street.

It is also a destination where you can travel in December without spending much money. The accommodations are affordable, the restaurants offer a great gastronomic variety at good prices, and you can also taste the Slovenian food in the square in front of the Cathedral, where food stands are usually located, and gastronomic events are held. Also, you can rent bikes to tour the city for about 8€ a day or sail on the river for 10€.


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There is no more typical Christmas getaway than a trip to Finland to visit the famous St. Nicholas -also known as Santa Claus- itself. Feeding its snow-covered reindeer in one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world will make your friends bite their nails when they see your photos from their houses.

San Petersburg

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Would you like to enjoy a second Christmas? In Russia, you can have it, because they celebrate Christmas at the beginning of January. Saint Petersburg is the ultimate Christmas destination for those looking for something different, with a landscape that looks like something out of a Christmas card with snow to bore you. Book a troika ride through Pavlovsk Park, and you’ll believe you’re inside a frosty Russian novel.