7 Most Awe-inspiring Casinos In Goa

Goa remains one of the most sought after locations for many people who are looking for the best and popular casinos to spend their time in. The entire atmosphere filled with delicious food and drinks, lively and entertaining music, and a variety of games makes the casino in Goa one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world.

What comes as great merit in regards to any casino in Goa is the fact that it is one of the rarest places in India where gambling is legal. Thus, someone interested in occasional gambling or for mere enjoyment and experience can access one in Goa.

If you are looking out for some thrilling experience in a casino, here is the list of seven famous casinos in Goa.

1. Deltin Royale Casino

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Considered amongst the first preferences in terms of casinos, Deltin Royale Casino is one of the names which recur time and again as the best casino in Goa. Popularly known as a “gamers’ paradise”, Deltin Royale is indeed a royal ship floating on Mandovi River. The casino offers to its visitor’s experience of something as grand as the casinos of Las Vegas.

Deltin Royale Casino is famously called the “gamers’ paradise”.

Deltin Royale Casino has a separate ‘The Royale Poker Room’ and ‘Taash Room’ for those who are interested in playing poker and/or Indian Flush, respectively. From VIP gaming suites to their famous restaurant, Vegas, Deltin Royale Casino is nothing short of giving a royal experience as a casino.

2. Casino Carnival

Casino carnival has two venues: one inside the Goa Marriott next to the Miramar beach and the other in a boat on the Mandovi River. Casino river is known for entertaining guests with stimulating performances from local artists joined with few international performers as well.

With 4 classy decks, the casino provides a wide range of gaming and entertainment experience which is said to be amongst the best in Goa. For those of you looking out for an interesting destination to host a party, Casino Carnival allows you the beautiful Boa Sorte, which is their rooftop deck, under the open sky.

3. Casino Pride

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Coming from the Pride Group, Casino Pride is a magnificent 30,000 sq.ft ship floating on the calm Mandovi river. To gamers’ delight, Casino Pride offers an enthralling live gaming experience to more than 500 guests at one go. With multi-cuisine restaurants accompanied by a well-stocked bar and barbeque offered on the beautiful Weather Deck, the casino never fails to impress any guest who visits it.

Paying heed to all age groups, Casino Pride caters to the demand of every age group. Kids can enjoy their share in the gaming section while adults can freely engage in placing bets or drinking.

4. Deltin Jaqk

Previously known as Casino Royale, Deltin Jaqk was renamed in the year 2013. Considered amongst the best gaming destinations in Goa, the 12,000 sq.ft casino gives an enrapturing experience to anyone who enters it. Floating on the Mandovi river, there are as many as 350 different gaming positions divided between three floors. For those who are visiting a casino for the first time, and have not the least idea about gambling or other sorts of games, there’s a table exclusive for beginners, making this casino an ideal choice for them. A separate room of entertainment for kids and facilities of convenience such as an ATM machine onboard are present that caters to your practical needs as well.

5. Casino Paradise

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One of the largest casinos in North Goa, Casino Paradise spreads over a whopping 5000 sq.ft. Loaded with a variety of games and playing options like the Digital roulette stations and The Robotic Arm Baccarat along with numerous slot machines, Casino Pride offers a thrilling experience to anyone who is a gaming enthusiast.

Cafe M, Spice Garden, and Dim Sum are the three restaurants it offers for a pleasant dining experience. Guests can also savor the comfort of a spa, steam or sauna or they can relax at the cooling pool.

6. Chances Casino

A member of the Vainguinim Valley Resort, Chances Casino is deemed as one of the oldest onshore casinos in Goa, which is spread over 30,000 sq.ft. Offering games like Commission free Mini-baccarat, American Roulette along the electronic roulette and slot machines among others makes it a place of attraction for those interested in gaming. The Chances Casino Resort offers a free dinner buffet for the gamblers at the Chances Cafe. It is also equipped with facilities like a spa, kids zone, and free Wi-Fi.

7. Casino Palms

Part of La Calypso Hotel, Casino Palms is one of the best onshore casinos in Goa. Games like Roulette, Machine Poker, Slot Machines, Baccarat, Blackjack and Mini Flush make it a place of great attraction for the guests. La Pub and La Slash cater to those who love to drink. Guests can also avail of the comfort of relaxing in a pool, a massage or with therapy at the spa. Casino Palms is an ideal spot for spending your holiday.

Living the experience of a casino in Goa is never short of a packaged entertainment. Meanwhile, if you happen to spend your next holiday in Goa, make sure to visit one of these casinos.