7 quick and affordable small business tips in Malaysia

by Marco P.

Being a business owner is worth praising, but not every individual can afford a business in a competitive market in Malaysia. Setting up a business often gets expensive and the possibilities of being bankrupted by many are also noticeable. Things get even more challenging when you are in a competitive market in Malaysia.

However, establishing a business in Malaysia is relatively easy in comparison with other nearby nations. Keeping that in mind, there are quick and affordable small business tips in Malaysia that one can follow to reach their dream goal of being a business owner. This article hereby listed out 7 such affordable tips to set a small business in Malaysia.

1. Business branding

Img Source: marketingdonut.co.uk

  • Set up a stable business branding is the primary priority and in this case, company name comes into importance.
  • Choose a brand name that goes well with your small business type
  • The brand name should also target customer groups so that more potential customers feel reliability with that Identity.
  • It must be noted that the brand name is different from the company’s registered name.
  • Business branding name is free of cost

2. The purchase domain name and web hosting

Img Source: webfoundation.org

  • One thing you cannot ignore in modern Malaysian business is reaching more and more clients to showcase your business.
  • The best way of doing this is by getting familiar with online marketing.
  • The first thing about this process of marketing is purchasing a domain that can be found at a very reasonable cost.
  • You can choose your domain name from godaddy.com.
  • It is recommended to purchase a domain ending with an extension of “.com” for your company. The Cost is roughly USD10/year.
  • In the case of “com.my” extension you can choose a name from various sites. Price remains at a marginal range and comes with several package facilities.
  • Web hosting, on the other hand, is necessary for setting up a company website.
  • Purchasing this web space allows you to store web files and content on your website to showcase services to clients.
  • Using a web hosting you can also enjoy the email address ending with your company’s customized domain instead of gmail.com or Hotmail.
  • You will need a web designer in this case though.
  • You can also use a blog instead of a website to minimize the costing even more.
  • You can visit blogspot.com or www.wordpress.com. To create your own blog page for your company.
  • The cost of purchasing a web host usually ranges from RM100 to RM150/year approximately.

3. SEO your company blogs and websites

Img Source: searchengineland.com

  • Hiring an SEO specialist can save some major marketing expenditure
  • An SEO specialist can help boost your website or blog sites at the top of the search engine so that there is an increased possibility of clients and potential customers visit your website and get to know about your products and services.
  • SEO at the same time can constantly tweak and trigger up the position of the website and constantly hack the e-markets for the benefit of your business
  • Hiring an SEO executive may range from RM2000 to a maximum of RM5000/ month, depend upon the skills and experiences in this field. This is still a minimum expense when you compare that price with the physical marketing and campaigning cost which is way higher than this.

4. An attractive logo for your company

Img Source: freelogoservices.com

  • Develop an eye-catching logo for your business.
  • This logo is what everybody sees at the very beginning to understand the whole business at a glance.
  • Therefore, a logo must have a clean ingenious outlook and not too shabby or complicated.
  • This is usually designed by the graphic designer, however, if you have a good grip in designing on adobe tools or other designing tools, you yourself can create an idol logo for your company.
  • Having a distinct logo makes it easy for your clients and partners to remember you and your company’s products/services.
  • The price of designing a company logo should take as low as RM100 and can max out up to RM 300 only.

5. A slogan to keep your business stand out

Img Source: moula.com.au

  • Another tip for outstanding your company in the market is making a fixed slogan or tagline for your company product.
  • Such a tagline or slogan emphasizes the products and services you are providing before the customers.
  • It is a short line describe the reliability of your product and services and assure quality in words.
  • Such slogans should not be more than 3 to 5 words long.
  • In other word, this technique differentiates your small business and services with every other relevant business in the market.
  • This cost-free unless you hire a content developer or company slogan writer who can do it within a minimum price of RM100 TO RM300 max.

6. Incorporating business with SSM

  • The SSM monitors, and approves the incorporating of any company in Malaysia.
  • SSM is located in Kuala Lumpur Central.
  • The registration or incorporation process is more convenient and time-saving once you have downloaded Form A and fill it accordingly before visiting SSM.
  • Once successfully done submitting, you will have a company registration number, which means you are done with company registration.
  • Registering the company will officially keep you away from any legal or governmental issues.
  • The company incorporation process costs RM60.

7. Design and print business cards

Img Source: farmhousecreative.net

  • A business card acts like a tool that carries out the introduction and marketing strategy with potential clients.
  • This business card provides an impression that elongated long term business and gives a chance to follow up.
  • It is necessary to give an emphasis on designing and spending some extra bucks on the business card.
  • The card must include the name of the proprietor, company name, company and owner contact number, company email address, and physical address of the company
  • This led to the fact that a good designer must be deployed in order to design and print business cards.
  • This can also be prepared using a free online business card template and can be printed from printing presses.
  • The cost of hiring a designer for preparing business card usually costs RM100-RM300 depends on the experience of a graphics designer.
  • The price of printing business cards in Malaysia is RM30 for a box of 100 pieces.

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