9 Awesome White Elephant Gift Ideas for this Holiday Season

Buying gifts for a holiday can be really cool and exciting, but sometimes it can be exhausting, especially if you’ve run out of ideas (or money). Either way, here are some great recommendations for a holiday present.

1. A jar of nothing

Img source: myuniquefamily.co.uk

Remember all those times when relatives and friends asked you, “What do you want to get for Christmas?” When you shake your head shyly, answering “Oh, nothing”? Okay. Now, do you remember at least one person who answered the same question in the same way?

Of course, you do. Everyone said it at least once when actually they were ashamed to say what they REALLY wanted. In that case, it’s the right time for the wish to be fulfilled. “A jar of nothing” is another in a series of funny and creative Pinterest ideas that perfectly suits the witty holiday spirit. All you need to do is find the most ordinary clean, empty jar , stick “a jar of nothing” sticker on it and also add another jocular wisecrack.

There are many variations of this fantastic idea circulating around the internet with some serious epithets such as “Super Fine Premium Quality Nothing” or “100% Natural Nothing” which can be found on the label. Here are some more amusing and cute signs that can inspire:

  • “A Jar of Nothing – it’s exactly what you asked for!”
  • “Remove cap. Take a deep breath. Enjoy the contents!”
  • “A Jar of Nothing – because you always say you have everything”
  • “Zilch, nada, squad, zippo and not a single thing. Don’t say I never gave you nothing!”

2. Mini bar in a jar

Img source: etsy.com

Talking about jars, they don’t need to remain empty forever. If you know that people who will attend White Elephant exchange like taking a sip here and there, this might be a really appealing idea. Of course, you’ll need a middle-sized, empty jar and a few (maybe 4 or 6) little bottles of different alcoholic drinks which you can put inside and arrange them to look sweet and neat.

Decorate the lid with some nice stickers and also with the one saying “Mini-bar” – just to make sure everyone gets it!  Make sure that the jar is packed and wrapped properly to prevent it from breakage.

3. A major life decision toolkit – Paper, Rock, Scissors

Img source: hiveminer.com

Another imaginative Pinterest idea. We have all been in those stressful situations when it is urgent to decide what to do. Sometimes we have too much fright to make the right decision, sometimes we are afraid that our decisions wouldn’t be good enough. Well, we may be wrong, but the good old “Paper, Rock, Scissors” game never lies. Put mini scissors, a small square piece of paper and a tiny rock into a box and write a message to the one who will get it.

4. Himalayan salt candle holder

Img source: crystalmagic.com

Let’s get serious now. Have you ever heard about these? Not only are these unusual items decorative and affordable, but they are also a real boon to our health. Since the Himalayan crystal salt of which these sweet candle holders are made contains 84% of minerals, thus it emits negative ions suitable for preserving human health.

The light provided by the candles inside is mild and warm, and in addition, the holders are naturally light pink in color and look divine. Another cool thing about this gift idea is the fact that this kind of gift can’t be “spent” – only the candles are changeable.

5. Gambling poker chips

Img source: freeimages.com

Many participants in the exchange have probably taken a chance at least once in their life on roulette or on those good, old slot machines at the casino. If you are familiar with the fact that there are people there who would enjoy such things, you might get them a brand new, real poker chip collection.

In case you aren’t quite sure how to choose the best set, there’s always a possibility to search the gambling corners of the internet such as Gamblers Daily Digest and get some valuable information.

6. Soft and fluffy tiny blankets

Img source: bigdiyideas.com

Okay, so it’s Christmas time. Everyone will need one of these. Blankets provide the final touch to the room and also to the festive atmosphere – and are a great addition to the interior. Explore all combinations of patterns, colors, materials and styles that could be connected to holidays. This means a lot of red, green, silver and gold details, with a bunch of adorable festivity elements like Santa Claus, Christmas tree, reindeer, snowflakes and so on.

7. Coffee thermos

Img source: onlygoodbuy.com

This is a perfect idea if you play this game with your work colleagues and happen to know that most of them drink coffee from ordinary, boring mugs. Men would probably prefer not overly kitschy and also monochromatic thermos, while women prefer colorful labels with some dreamish quotes on them. Or it could be vice versa – makes no difference.

Ensure that the inside of the thermos is made of strong material so that it doesn’t melt when the one who receives it pours hot coffee or tea – we definitely don’t want that.

8. Outlandish wall clock

Img source: society6.com

The elegance and beauty of fine watches allow them to go far beyond their ability to show the correct time – they should also have the role of decorative objects that adorn the walls. Today, there is a large selection of wall clocks of different forms and sizes, made of different materials, irregularly shaped, neon-colored, etc. Choosing the right one is solely your task.

For example, if someone is a fan of painting, they will inevitably be thrilled by the clock that looks the same as the one on Dali’s painting called “The Persistence of Memory.” If more than half of the gang is addicted to everything that has to do with Batman, a Batman-themed clock would be a big hit. You just need to think about the most general option since you don’t really know who will get your present!

9. Cinema tickets

Img source: society6.com

It never gets old. Even if you are not very inspired at the moment, you can always place two tickets for an upcoming Christmas movie in a nicely arranged box and give them as a present. It’s not a common gift since we mostly buy tickets for the cinema by ourselves when we want to see a particular movie.

But it’s holiday time – and everyone should watch a New Year and Christmas films with their +1 – even the ones who claim they would rather watch Terminator 3!