A new app alongside HonorClub APK and EIS is updated for the users of Honor 10 in India

by Munira Qaid Johar
  • A new update is been recently launched for the entire users of Honor 10 in India
  • The app has brought deeper Paytm addition along with a new HonorClub APK and Party Mode app.
  • The handset is also launching electronic image stabilization (EIS).

Honor 10 gadget was introduced in April 2018. The device comprises a display screen of 5.84 inches whereas the same possess the resolution of 1080*2280 pixels. With great display and capable camera, the Smartphone gained the interest of a huge crowd. Honor 10 is termed to be the sub-brand of Huawei and was initially launched in China. The device was introduced in India in the last month.

The confirmation and latest news regarding the arrival of updates for Indian honor users

The Company has initiated progressing various new updates in the device. The Company commenced the procedure from the very last week in China. According to the recent sources and news, the updates are ultimately reported to turn up to the Indian Honor users. This updates mainly includes the introduction of Party mode app, a new HonorClub APk, Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), and a deeper Paytm addition.

The Company revealed the news stating that Honor 10 is now coming with several updates for Indian users through their official Twitter account. However, the updates may require some time to finally reach the users as COL-AL 10 8.10.120 version is being rolled in groups.

Checking the updates in Honor 10

In order to check the availability and features of the recent updates, the users are required to go on to settings then system update. Clicking on ‘check for updates’ option you can easily go through all the new changes brought in to the handset and use it. However, it is highly advisable to back up your entire personal and confidential records prior to proceeding with the update procedure. Apart from that, you might also require some high-speed data connection plan or alternatively a Wi-Fi option to experience steady updates.

As per the studies, this recent update is bringing a new party mode that is often said to come as an app which influences Honor 10’s NFC function allowing the Honor users to link their device to each other and play similar audio concurrently. Another update i.e., HonorClub APK enable the users to check out the announcements for fresh and new products on the market, provide their valuable feedback, and engage in the similar activities. You can also experience the HiTouch features that are especially known for analyzing the objects present in your surroundings by examining them.

Another benefit is the Paytm features a deeper integration i.e., you can go and check out the home page of Paytm payments even if your screen is shut by using your fingerprints. Lastly, the electronic image stabilization system helps you click and capture the best possible shots.

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