A New Step Towards Encouraging Eco-Tourism

As the world is heading towards economic resources and saving the planet, Maldives has taken a step further in eco-tourism. It has installed a photovoltaic roof with 6000 square meters of an area dedicated to solar panels.

Solar Electricity generated

These solar panels generate about 1.6 megawatts of electricity on a daily basis. The solar panels are installed in the roof of the resort. These solar panels runs above some of the pathways in the resort as well. Hence, it provides shade to the tourists.

Realizing the Importance 

The importance and usage of renewable resources have been greatly understood by these people. Thus, all hands in saving the non-renewable resources by switching to the renewable ones. The chairman of one of such resorts has expressed his satisfaction in bidding adieu to the generators and switching to the solar panels.

Cost Associated

It is revealed that the solar project in the Maldives has cost around $6 million and it would take around 7 years to recover the cost. The estimated lifetime is estimated to be 20 years. The planning of this eco-friendly step took two years and then was executed. 

It was in the year 2010 when the Maldives announced its aim of becoming a carbon neutral by the year 2020. The usage of solar energy has now become a trend in the tourist industry of the Indian Ocean. The eco-friendly island is now creating hype and attracting the tourists like a magnet. 

An Example for the World

Maldives has taken an appreciable step towards saving the environment and non-renewable sources of energy. By taking this move it has set a great precedent for all the other countries. Along with saving the environment, solar panels also save a lot for the users in the form of electricity bills and low maintenance costs.

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