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Times Lifestyle is a unique online portal that features the latest news regarding an array of topics ranging from renewable energy and sustainable agriculture to robotics and artificial intelligence. We believe that technology and agriculture are closely coupled and the symbiotic advancement of both these fields is crucial for the progress of the Indian economy. Therefore, we pay equal attention to the developments in both these areas, so as to keep our readers up to date with all the events that impact the growth of the nation.

We are also passionate advocates for sustainable development and consider it our journalistic responsibility to spread awareness regarding the same. Our website highlights any breakthroughs in the domain of renewable energy, which hold the potential to transform the energy patterns of the country and help with the conservation of non-renewable fuels. We also closely monitor the trends in the sphere of sustainable agriculture, to educate our readers regarding the environment-friendly techniques that can change the face of the agricultural industry.

Artificial intelligence is the field that will dominate all the major technology of the future. Learn about the significant research in this domain from our insightful articles that talk about key inventions and groundbreaking projects. Our experts delve into the niche areas of robotics and machine learning to unravel and simplify these enigmatic subjects. Be it assistive devices or the internet of things, no piece of technology that matters, ever escapes the keen eye of our reporters.

Our team comprises of talented writers, enterprising engineers and devoted journalists who brainstorm together to produce quality content for our ever expanding reader base. Each team member identifies with the primary goal of Times Lifestyle, which is to play a role in India’s journey towards becoming a completely sustainable economy. With this powerful motivation driving the team, we are able to surpass the high benchmarks that we have set for ourselves and deliver top notch articles on a daily basis. Stay tuned to Times Lifestyle to be on top of all the updates pertaining to the fields of energy and technology.