These Are Sure Signs That You’ve Become Addicted to Online Sports Betting

Should it be noted that betting has become a gigantic industry? The statistics do not lie and it says the following: the size of the sports betting market worldwide, according to the latest data from April 1, is 218.49 billion US dollars. What has changed from the previous decade is that mobile betting is becoming a huge industry as well, which will grow from the current nearly $ 60 billion to around $ 100 billion by 2026.

Mobile betting allows people easier access to betting offers, and bookmakers like this way of doing business, too. Additionally, bettors like the idea of betting on sporting events or playing online casino games without having to leave the comfort of their homes. Aside from the stakes put on which team will win, numerous other things make this activity highly exciting. But when someone wagers and puts in more than he can afford, or if he spends money intended for other purposes, such as paying bills, then betting goes beyond fun and becomes something much more problematic.

In this regard, experts are very concerned about how online betting in sports can cause the problem called betting addiction. With such easy access to mobile betting, concerns arise about the dangers it could pose to those who lack self-control. Addiction to online betting is an impulse control disorder. This simply means that the bettor will wager without stepping on the ‘brake’ from time to time, that he will bet no matter what the circumstances. Addiction to online sports betting can happen to anyone regardless of background and can cause a bettor to fall into financial debt, lose a job, divorce, or something worse.

What Are the Signs That Someone Is Addicted to Online Sports Betting?

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No matter how much you pretend and think you are not addicted to online betting/gambling, the next three signs unmistakably indicate that you are addicted to it. Period.

Online Sports Betting Is Becoming Your Whole World

Placing a bet only a few times a year or even once a week via smartphone is not a sign of betting addiction. But, when a bettor feels ‘forced’ to continue wagering, even if there is no chance of ever reimbursing the cost of the bets, then a red flag should be hoisted.

Some players intentionally lose the winnings in bad bets because the urge to bet is stronger even than the desire to win. A bettor may not be able to wager every day because he cannot find money but he will become desperate to find ways to obtain it so he can continue to bet constantly over the Internet. Everything else comes second: family, friends, school, work, reputation, and even health. This leads to the second sure sign of online gambling addiction…

Money at All Costs

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One of the most tragic signs of addiction to mobile betting is in the ways bettor tries to get money and finds it for the next bet. It happens that, many times, all the people connected with that person become affected because a person who suffers from addiction to betting is ready to lie about anything and steal from anyone in order to get the money needed for betting. He will borrow a lot of money from friends and family which he will never be able to return.
Also, when it comes to the point that a person does not eat regularly, does not go to the doctor, or does not pay the bills (because it takes away his betting money), then there is definitely a problem. And a serious one.

Increased Hunger for More and More Winnings

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Another sign that indicates an addiction to betting is that it becomes clear that bigger and bigger bets or more bets per day are needed for a bettor to experience the level of excitement he needs. It is similar to a person who is addicted to drugs and feels that he should take higher and higher doses of that horrible stuff.

The biggest concern with online betting addiction, just like with other addictions, is that the effect is also felt by those around the addict – his family and friends. The bad news is that it can quickly lead to serious mental illnesses that could take control of bettors’ lives. The good news is that sports betting is a good fun activity when done moderately. Also, what bettors can do before embarking on the wagering adventure is to visit websites on which the best world online bookmakers are rated, such as, and find those who have separate sections with pre-addiction advice and possibilities of seeking help in case of betting addiction.

We all know of so many people who have improved their lives through online sports betting because they use it to blow off some steam. When exploited properly, sports betting via mobile phones can be a fun hobby. Keep that in mind all the time.