How The Adult Industry Is Benefiting From The Pandemic?

As the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread in March 2024, traffic to larger adult web platforms began to grow. So, from Pornhub, came the information that already in the middle of March they had almost 12% higher turnover than at the beginning of the month. Such a similar growth is recorded by others. So how does the adult industry benefit from the pandemic? We will try to answer that question.

Are We Watching Adult Movies?


The internet has made it easier to access such content – and watching adult movies is no longer as big a taboo as it used to be. Consequently, academic research on these topics has expanded. When we take into consideration the availability and anonymity of such content provided on the Internet – people who are their regular consumers have noticed hypersensitivity to graphic stimuli. It is the same as those possessed by adolescents. Recent research has singled out five major changes in the human psyche, which occur under the influence of watching XXX movies. The effect of adult films is the same for both women and men – only many of these studies did not take into account the fact that women watch such content as well.

Sex And Coronavirus


In times when we are a bit alienated because we work too hard – sex has become more of a fun and hobby that is consumed instantly or in a hurry. However, with the arrival of the coronavirus spreading and lockdown – we found ourselves locked in houses. One would ask: What do we do when we are bored? We have sex. Believe it or not – the pandemic has affected the libido of a large part of the population. In many world countries, it even increased natural growth. So, does it mean that people, when they are locked in houses with each other, think more about sex? There is a bit of truth in this. If nothing else, the consumption of adult movies jumped sharply just in time of the pandemic. Some see pure fun in these films, some see them as a stimulus – and most couples watch adult movies to spice up their love life.

The Urge Is Stronger Than Self-Isolation


Sales of sex dolls have exploded in recent months due to social distancing measures caused by the new coronavirus pandemic. According to, people in self-isolation seem to follow the advice that buying sex toys and sex dolls are the safest form of sexual gratification in the age of the coronavirus. Popular brands of sex dolls and toys – state that sales of products from their range have increased dramatically in the past period. In Italy, which suffered the terrible consequences of the pandemic, that jump is higher than 60 percent. The increase in sales around the world is so great that it is one of the few industries that is recording growth. And a big one.

Psychology, Corona, And Sexual Relations


In the book “Psychology of Human Sexuality”, the author wrote that when people are thinking of their mortality – they subconsciously change their attitudes and behavior, so they could cope more easily with the frightening fact that we are just humans and we are mortal. Much research on this topic has found that situations in which we are faced with our own mortality – actually stimulates our sexual desire and changes our behavior. That is a sort of a defense mechanism of coping. Since the situation with spreading COVID-19 made mortality more visible – this feeling immediately worked in humans and this can partly explain why more adult content is consumed.

Do We Also Watch Movies Based On Coronavirus?


During March 2024 – searches showed that over 9 million tags of coronavirus have appeared on some adult websites. There are also over a thousand videos that appear when you search for the word coronavirus. What do adult movies with coronavirus look like? Such a video includes a lot of people having sex under masks, with gloves and protective suits. It seems that the adult industry has profited quite well. And why do we even get the need to consume such content? Sexologists say it reflects our constant need for novelties in our sexual life – and a man’s ability to fetishize almost everything around him. This is part of the reason why we often see that current social events are reflected in our searches for adult movies. For example, around major holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, etc. – adult content searches become more festive. People are starting to look for content with a holiday atmosphere, experts say.

The State Of Fear Increases Sexual Arousal


Intensive emotions such as high fear can increase sexual excitement and increases desire, psychologists explain. However, the current situation could be related to our need to get rid of fear. Scientists believe that such strong emotions can often be mixed up with sexual attraction. Experts believe that increased website traffic is not the only way in which the coronavirus is currently affecting the adult film industry.

The Other Side Of The Medal


Recently, many magazines have stated that several performers known for adult movies are concerned that their work could potentially expose them to the virus. Even close contact with someone poses a risk of transmitting the virus – so actors would be at a much higher risk of infection, due to the very intimate nature of their job. Some actors in adult movies avoid filming until the pandemic situation is under control – even though it means a financial blow to them. Others make up for this by filming themselves with their own camera – to reduce physical contact with others. Of course, all this will have consequences for companies engaged in such production: if the actors do not work until the crisis is under control – the potential financial consequences for adult movie companies will be huge.


In the end, what did the pandemic brought to us? Is that why we have become closer, smarter, more mature? Have our fears brought us closer or further apart? The truth is probably, as always, somewhere in the middle. However, the benefit has affected both – consumers and producers of XXX products. Maybe that’s why the new motto could be: Stay safe – get rich!