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by Marco P.
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Pornography is one of the most popular things on the internet nowadays, and there are some websites that started out from the very bottom and turned out into something much larger, with some of them becoming the leaders in the entire pornography industry. One of the best examples for that is a very well-known website called Pornhub.

If you happen to know even slightly about pornography, then you must’ve heard the name of this website at least once. It started out just like any other pornography website, except it quickly blew up into an entire organization.

Why is Pornhub so popular?

Pornhub is really a website that can satisfy the “needs” of everyone who wants a little bit of entertainment. What exactly do we mean by this? Well, the website itself features tons of different categories in terms of pornographic films, while also having an “amateur” or “homemade” section where everyone is able to post their homemade videos. It isn’t the only website that has this, but it was among the first ones that thought about it, which took it a long way to where it is right now.

However, we’re not here to discuss the regular version of Pornhub, and since this is an article that focuses on webcam sites instead, we’re going to talk about the Pornhub Live version instead.

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What is Pornhub Live?

Pornhub live is the “sister” website of Pornhub, which is quite different than what the original one is. As we all know already, porn videos are being staged, filmed and then uploaded for viewers to watch them. Live webcam sites, however, are quite different. Nothing is being staged and filmed for later use, but instead, everything is live-streamed. Webcam models are streaming their “activities” in real-time for many users to enjoy the show, and Pornhub Live is a website that allows you to watch all of your favorite webcam models whenever you want, for free.

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However, there have been some suspicions that Pornhub Live is not really originating from Pornhub itself, so if you happen to be curious about this, feel free to visit in order to learn more.

What features does Pornhub Live have?

Pornhub Live has many different features that can be quite fun if you happen to fully experience them. For example, it allows private sessions, which is basically the act of a cam-model posing and putting on a show for you only, so if you really like some private time with your favorite model, that’s definitely a good option for you.

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Another interesting feature is the ability to search by categories, so if you happen to be “into” something that’s a little bit more “freaky” than what most people consider “normal”, feel free to do it, we don’t judge. Starting all the way up from MILF categories and moving up to the more BDSM-based fetishes, you’re free to explore the website for as long as you want.

Do we recommend it? If you’re into watching web-cam models, definitely.

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