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Adventurous Camping Places in India

What better way to explore a country than travelling? But then again just travelling won’t get you to savour the multiple traditions, ethnicities, diversities of places, nature as well as people that a beautiful country like India. The best idea would be camping there for a while and just absorb essential things from that place. For travel freaks, get to know the best of the camping places in India.

The scenic view of Chandra Taal Lake

The lake is in the form of crescent shape giving it the name Chandra Taal which means Lake of the moon. It falls in the Spiti part of the district Lahul and Spiti of Himachal Pradesh. This is one of the best camping places in India for campers as well as trekkers. The best time to visit Chandra Taal lake would be somewhere between May end to the beginning of October. You etch the breath-taking view of robust Himalayan Mountains overlooking on one side of the lake in your mind forever.

Camping in Rishikesh

This is another city that comes under the amazing camping places in India. You need to clear at least a week’s schedule to thoroughly enjoy the Rishikesh city that lies in the foothills of Himalayan Mountains. Considered as the ‘Yoga Capital of the World’, you can meditate and perform yoga, here in nature’s ultimate blend of mountains, rivers and forests. It’s not just about camping in Rishikesh city of Uttarakhand state. It comes with the combo of amazing activities like River Rafting in Ganga River, Trekking, Cliff Jumping, Bunjee Jumping, Burma Bridge and also para-gliding.

Camping in sand at Jaisalmer

Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer is one of the best desert camping places in India to experience. Known as the golden city of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is a World Heritage Site. After enjoying the relics of the Jaisalmer fort, you can head to the Sam sand dune to begin the camping experience. Tents in deserts, the fabulous sand dunes, massive camels, campfires and much can be enjoyed here.

Camping at Kanha National Park

At the entrance of Kanha National Park, a camp known as Kipling camp is situated. This is the ultimate wildlife camping place in India’s Madhya Pradesh state. You can explore the lush green forests and some remote villages lying in the heart of India. Apart from proper and comforting accommodations, visitors can enjoy various activities like bird watching, bonfire, tribal dances and also get a relaxing massage. You can also go on a safari ride to look for Asian elephants, tigers and various other animals. Arrangements are availed for all seasons.

Assam’s Nameri Eco Camp

North-east India has a cluster of amazing site viewing places in India. Assam’s Nameri Eco Camp is one of the best camping places in India’s north-eastern part. You can camp here for a few days and enjoy various activities like trekking, cycling, rafting, bird watching in Nameri National Park and much more. People also get to just take a walk in the river banks of Jia Bharali. This lies in the foothills of the lush green Eastern Himalayan Mountains. This is the happening place that you wouldn’t want to miss visiting.

These are not just it. India hosts numerous amazing camping places be it in thick forests or side by overflowing rivers, seas, backwaters, massive mountains you name it. Explore and experience these awesome camping places in India before heading to International tours.

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