5 Ways AI Technology Is Improving the Online Gambling Industry

We all know the saying about how just because something is new, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is better. Now, even though this is more than true for many things, for some, especially tech-related issues, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s play a quick quiz. Now, if we know that for many people, gambling is the most popular way to have some fun, with the fact that a vast majority already have a favorite casino game, and we are familiar with the latest tech trends, and know in what direction the latest research is going, what would be your answer to a question on what we get if we combine these two? Need some help? Okay, what gambling addition and innovation would be your final answer? If your guess was Artificial Intelligence, you guessed it right, as AI is the latest innovation to online gambling.

For quite some time, we are familiar with what AI stands for, and some of you even know in which fields this technology is already being used (someone mentioned Alexa?) and how beneficial AI can be in medicine, telecommunications, etc. But even when we mention all these benefits of AI, some still have doubts about how it could change and improve online gambling, but in reality, some websites who already implemented AI into their software measure much more traffic, and for many reasons. Still don’t believe us? Let’s check some facts.

Better marketing strategies

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A good marketing strategy means a lot for any company and also for the online casinos because it is a perfect way to attract new players. Earlier strategies were sending ads to many emails and hoping that some of the recipients will be interested in them. By using the AI, casinos have a much better approach since it is possible to find people who are already interested in gambling and send ads only to them. In that way, the casinos attract more possible players and do not spend their resources in vain. The ads are personalized, and the conversation with potential customers is much better than before the usage of AI.

Preventing addiction

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Many think that online casinos do not pay attention to addiction since they are earning money from people who are gambling a lot, but that is not true. Each of them has the strategy of spotting people with addiction and helping them handle it, and by using the AI, that is much easier than before. The AI is analyzing the gambling patterns of the players and their habits and helps casinos detect the risky ones. After the detection, the casinos need to decide if they want to inform the players with dangerous patterns to change them, deny them access to gambling, or not take any action and hope they will behave responsibly. The future will probably bring even more regulation, and the casinos will have the rules of reacting in these situations, but for now, the decision is up to them, and it is not the same in different ones.

Exceptional user interface

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While browsing through some websites, especially when we need to find something as quickly as possible, we get annoyed with all the links, offers, and things that we simply don’t need nor want. The same is for online casinos, and with AI, all registered users will much faster get the game or info they search for as AI will, based on your past actions, make correct assumptions and offer what you need precisely. Good user experience is one the most important things for any type of business since a satisfied customer is a happy customer, the one that will come back again. Just think about why casinos offer so many bonuses, especially welcome ones, and you will understand that competition in online gambling is fierce, and every casino wants to attract new players. Of course, for us, players, that’s great, as all we need to do is relax, wait for the best offer, and choose the one casino with the best bonuses and user-friendly interface.

Customer support

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Almost every online casino has 24/7 customers support because they do not have working time, so people are gambling during the whole day and night. That makes chatbots popular because of the fact that it is much cheaper than hiring real people to solve problems that computers can do. Old chatbots were not user-friendly, and many players did not have a great experience with them, but that changed with the advent of AI. The AI chatbots are able to communicate with the users in the best possible way and solve almost every possible problem, so many users are giving them the best reviews. Because of their great interaction with customers, they are capable of understanding almost every client’s request and find a solution for a short time.

Detecting cheaters

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The detection of those people who are trying to cheat is one of the usages of the AI that helps online casinos the most. AI is analyzing the gambling and winning patterns for every player and can notice if some of them are trying to cheat. Cheaters can cause a lot of harm to online casinos, and because of that, their early detection is crucial for preventing it. It was much harder before the AI, but now, casinos have the great weapon to protect themselves from frauds and continue their business.

Summing up

The way we, as a society, evolve depends a lot on how quickly and what kind of changes and innovations we look for, and there is no argument against AI as something bad for us. Soon enough, we will probably forget how our life looked before AI, and future generations will for sure feel this way, just like Millenials cannot comprehend life and social life without phones, tablets, or even the Internet. Now when you know how much of an impact AI can have on our lives, and understandably on online gambling, the only remaining thing to do is to find the best online casino to play your favorite game of chance. For those who need more info and some guidance on the best casinos in Australia, check Exycasinos, and find out everything you need to know.