Alcatel 1 Android Go device noticed with 18:9 aspect ratio and 1GB RAM

by Munira Qaid Johar
  • Alcatel 1 Android is reportedly one of the cheapest smartphones in the recent times
  • The smartphone comprises 1GB of random access memory and 32 GB of inbuilt memory storage
  • The device would be available in three color variants i.e., blue, black, and gold.

Alcatel 1 is all set to be launched with the cheapest budget in the Company’s listings. When Alcatel 1X was unveiled at MWC (Mobile world congress) during 2018 in Barcelona, it became the very first Android Go smartphones. The handset that was launched at CES 2018 along with the latest Alcatel 5 and Alcatel 3V includes Android Oreo combined with a set of pre-installed Google apps which are specially designed to provide a maximum user experience in spite of utilizing the budget hardware.

Similar to its predecessor, Alcatel 1 is expected to contain identical features like Alcatel 3 and 5. Even though this latest Cheapest Budget smartphone has been popped up in Russia, there is no news regarding its exact price, specifications, and availability in other countries. However, as per the leaked information by Russian site Helpix, the operating system of Alcatel 1 is Android 8.1 Oreo which is often considered to be fair considering its price and low specifications.

Specification of Alcatel 1 as Russian Helpix

  • Display screen and camera sensors – With a 5-inches of the display screen and 18:9 aspect ratio, Alcatel 1 features a 5-megapixel camera sensor at its rear end whereas 2-megapixels camera at the front end.
  • Battery – Its battery capacity is estimated to be no more than 2000mAh.
  • Resolution and processor – Fortunately, this device allows dual-sim function along with LTE support. Its resolution is 480*960 pixels and its processor is suspected to be 1.28GHz quad-core.
  • Inbuilt storage and RAM – Coming to the memory and storage capacity, Alcatel 1 comprises 1GB of Random access memory whereas it has a total inbuilt storage of 8GB that can also be extended by inserting a microSD card in the handset. Moreover, this storage is fair enough as Alcatel Go apps would not take much space of your device.
  • Connectivity options – The device though offers LTE connectivity, the same is estimated to be just up to Cat.4 i.e., 150Mbps down and 50Mbps up. Other connectivity options offered by this smartphone include Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, GPS, and dual sim functionality.
  • Weight and dimensions – With the weight of around 134 grams, its dimensions are set as 137*6*65.7*9.8 mm. The device is launched in three color variants i.e., black, blue, and golden.

It is worth to note that Alcatel Company has not yet confirmed any of its smartphone details till now. However, the revealed information clarifies that this device would be the best option for low budget people.

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