Everything You Need to Know about International Shipping Services

If you’re glad that there are some great international snacks at your local grocery store, you have international logistics to thank!

The global supply chain works due to the incredible network of international logistics partners involved in it. This market makes it possible for customers across the globe to access your commercial business’ products. In recent years, the international logistics market has witnessed unprecedented growth in size and revenue. The rise in e-commerce due to growing digitalization has made way for a connected supply chain that spans the whole globe. But that’s enough jargon for now.

Let’s have a deeper look at international logistics to help you understand how it actually works.

What is International Logistics?

In the simplest of terms, “international logistics” refers to the global transportation and distribution of finished goods. Commercial companies in one part of the world use the global supply chain, a.k.a. a network of connected logistics partners, to get their products to customers in another country. Any commercial company can benefit from international logistics despite the type of finished goods it produces. The global supply chain helps distribute millions of tons of electronics, consumables, furniture, jewelry, and other types of items globally every week.

Important Considerations for Commercial Customers

Commercial corporations typically require international shipping services the most. There are some important factors they have to consider when looking for international transportation service providers. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Extensive Logistics Network

The most important thing to look for in a commercial logistics company is its network of logistics partners. Every seasoned company has access to an extensive network of global supply chain service providers. The reason that it’s important to have an extensive distribution network is the capabilities it provides.

When you hire a seasoned company to distribute your commercial shipments, you’ll have higher access to logistics partners. This will make your finished goods more accessible to a larger customer base. International logistics companies are also often a part of some logistics networks. For example, the moving company is associated with leading logistics partner CRST as an agent. Being a nearby CRST agent gives the company access to many worldwide logistics links.

Full Truckload (FTL) & Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

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When it comes to getting international shipping services, the truckload capacity plays a big role. The “load” of your shipments is the capacity and weight it requires. Commercial customers can ship their goods using full truckload (FTL) or less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping services.

FTL shipping services are necessary when a singular customer ships a large volume of finished goods through the supply chain. Logistics companies often dedicate an entire separate shipment to one customer if they require FTL shipping. Contrarily, companies that need to ship lower volumes opt for LTL shipping instead. In LTL shipping, your shipment volume doesn’t take up a truck’s entire load capacity. That’s why logistics companies can combine various LTL shipments.

Ground Transport

Ground transportation is a significant part of product distribution and shipping. Despite the mode of transportation you used (air or ocean) for your shipments, you’ll still need ground transport and trucking services to deliver them to your end users. International logistics companies offer intra-country ground transportation services. These services get your newly-arrived shipments off the ports to the grocery stores.

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Time-Critical Shipments

Timing is an essential element of international logistics. Many commercial companies prefer having their shipments arrive at their destinations as soon as possible. Since the global supply chain is massive and distributes tons of goods every day, your specific shipments can take a while to get delivered. If you’re shipping goods that require immediate usage, like consumables, you can opt for expedited shipping services.

Commercial businesses that send regularly-scheduled shipments using international logistics often opt for time-critical or just-in-time (JIT) shipping services. Time-critical shipments are dispatched and arrive on a fixed schedule provided by the commercial customer. On the flip side, expedited shipping services arrive on a priority basis, i.e., much quicker than the rest.

Tracking Services

Commercial businesses can lose millions of dollars on damaged or lost shipments, which is why safe international shipping services are a necessity for them. The best way to reduce your stress while your shipments are in transit is by working with logistics companies that offer freight-tracking services.

Many moving and transportation companies offer online load visibility, which makes shipments easy to track through the internet. Freight-tracking services are becoming more of a priority for customers now because they help companies monitor their shipments in real time.

Do You Need International Shipping Services?

If you run a relatively small business that doesn’t have end users (or leads) in foreign countries, you might not need international shipping services. However, every large-scale commercial business that wants to reach end customers across the world can benefit significantly from reliable international shipping services. International logistics can also help business owners expand their customer base by getting unique finished goods to customers in foreign countries. So, evaluate your business goals to determine whether international logistics are right for you or not.

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