All You Should Know About Prostate Massagers

Do you feel troubled while ejaculation? Do you have problems like penis erection, urine flow, etc.? If yes, then you might have heard of prostate massage. It is a fantastic therapy for treating all male problems and giving relief.

Well, it can be done manually by using fingers or by a massager. There is a lot about this device that you want to know. Before that, we will discuss the prostate, massage therapy, benefits, and much more in detail. If you want to get a good-quality massager, then you can click here.

Overview of Prostate


It is a small walnut-shaped gland, which lies between the penis and the bladder. The size is that much small in young men but may vary in older men. It produces a part of semen, i.e., prostatic fluid. It helps in protecting and nourishing the sperm within the testicles. When it contracts, it passes the fluid to the urethra and causes ejaculation.

With age, the size of the prostate increases and may cause many problems. Some of the common men issues are prostatitis, cancer, inflammation, etc. If anyone has a large prostrate, then it can also cause a problem during urination. In some men, there is a frequent urge of urine because the bladder does not empty itself properly. Certain medications, treatments, and therapies can treat such problems as a massage.

Overview of Prostate Massage


Two sections are covered in the massage, i.e., urethra and bladder. A large amount of fluid is produced with sperm, which defines the fertility in males. The massage therapy helps in draining out the fluid. If anyone suffering from prostate-related problems, then they must visit the doctor. He will use DRE to check your condition, including the size of the gland.

The doctor will insert his lubricated finger into the patient’s rectum to check the prostate by pressing its sides. He can easily recognize your problem and provide solutions to your issues. If he finds any infection, then he will rub the gland to release the fluid, prostatic excretion for relief. It will help in checking the symptoms of inflammation and infection.

How to Do Prostate Massage Manually?


The massage is done for treating prostate problems and getting sexual satisfaction. There are specific steps to give massage to the prostate.

  1. Take a small amount of lubricant and apply it around the anus.
  2. After that, slowly insert your index finger and start masturbating.
  3. Now, you have to take your finger out and take some more lubricant.
  4. Continue masturbating till the third knuckle.
  5. Try to insert your finger completely and feel the round lump, which is a prostate gland. It is nearly 4 inches inside the rectum and above the penis.
  6. Massage it in a circular motion with gentle pressure.

Overview of Prostate Massager

It is a sex toy to massage the prostate gland without using your finger. This device is available in different sizes and shapes. You can get that suits your condition. Remember that the gland is very soft and quite sensitive to touch. Therefore, you can opt for the silicone that does not cause any pain to it.

How to Use Prostate Massager?


Follow specific steps to operate the prostate massager to get relief from various male problems:

  1. Cleaning: It is necessary to clean your body by taking a bath and cleaning the entire area around your anus. If you need to use it to the device, then you should also clear your bowel movements to avoid being dirty and messy.
  2. Find the Prostrate: The use of the device by every male is uncommon. Only some people use it, who are suffering from any complications. But if you do not know how to use it, then take some lubricant on your finger. The estimated location is 3 to 4 inches inside your anus. You need to insert your finger to find it. When you locate it, then you can use the device slowly without hurting yourself.
  3. Use Lubricant: Apply some amount of lubricant on your finger and the toy. Use your fingers to apply it on the inner side of the anus. It is vital to apply the same kind of lube as of the material of the toy.
  4. Positioning: There are different positions of using the massager. Check and try the one in which you are comfortable. The common one is when your hips are in the perpendicular direction to knees. You can suspend your legs directly for easy inserting of the device inside you. Try any position that suits your body and comfortable while inserting it.
  5. Insertion of Device: In the end, you need to carefully insert the toy and move it in an up and down direction. The device will stimulate the gland and make your muscles release. It will give an immense orgasm or provide relief from various male problems.

Treat Problems by Using Prostate Massager

  1. Prostatitis: It is an infection, which causes pain and swelling of the gland. It causes severe pain in the pelvis and groin area. The doctor can test the fluid to determine your problem. It can also be treated by consuming antibiotics and drugs. The device helps in releasing the pain and reduce swelling.
  2. Penis Erection: Many men have erectile dysfunction, which can be treated with medicines, implants, pumps, etc. You need to take a healthy diet, daily exercise, and massage the gland to treat the problem.
  3. Frequent Urine: If there is any swelling in your prostate gland, then it can cause frequent urge of urine. The massage helps in reducing the swelling and controls excess urination.

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, prostrate-related problems have been increased in men with age. The massage therapy is perfect for treating all these issues as well as immense sexual arousal. You must know everything about the prostrate and massager devices so that one can easily treat their painful problems.

After going through this article in detail, you will know how you can detect your prostate issue and get solutions to overcome them. You can also recommend medications from the doctor.