Amazing Stories Behind Names Of Bangalore Localities

Any locality of a city has had grand tales behind the inception of their names and Bengaluru is no exception. You might have gone to such places and some of you might even be living in such localities, though one might not even have the faintest idea of how these places got their names. These are some of the reasons how these areas got their names which might enthrall you beyond your wildest imaginations.

  • Hutchins Road – This was named after the Chief Engineer of Mysore Mr. MC Hutchins, who was involved with the Chamarajendra Water Works for the construction of water reservoirs from Hesaraghatta Lake which fulfilled the city’s water requirements for around three decades.
  • Ulsoor – The name of this place can actually be originated to a fruit owing to the many jackfruit orchards near Ulsoor Lake. Earlier called Halasuru during the British Raj it got anglicized to Ulsoor. The jackfruit is called Halasina Hannu in Kannada language.
  • Domlur – Its name is said to be originated from an ancient word ‘Tombalur’ which can be found on the walls of a 10th century Chola Empire temple located in the same vicinity.
  • Suranjan Das Road – This road was named in honor of a test pilot, Suranjan Das who met his death in 1970 in a flight crash.
  • Basavanagudi – The name is derived from the ‘Bull Temple’ situated in the area where Basava means ‘bull’ while ‘gudi’ means temple. This is one of the oldest localities in the city having suitable residential space.
  • Koramangala – A place hustling and bustling with crowds of people in its shopping malls, restaurants and other happening places the name is twofold with ‘Kora’ meaning ‘overhaul’ and ‘Mangala’ meaning welfare in Kannada language.
  • Rajajinagar – One of the greatest freedom fighters of our country, C. Rajagopalachari also known as ‘Rajaji’ who had the privilege of being the first non-British Governor General of British India is responsible for the name of this place which presently has become one of the most important destinations in the city.
  • Sadashivanagar – Earlier named as Palace Orchards in the 60’s and 70’s the name was changed in the 90’s in tribute to a great Kannada freedom fighter, Karnad Sadashiva Rao.
  • Whitefield – A very preferred place for tech companies, it got the name after the ruler of Mysore, Chamaraja Wodeyar IX in 1883 bequeathed part of this area to Eurasian and Anglo Indian Association.
  • Kodigehalli – A gift from King Kempegowda, gift means Koduge in Kannada. The name of the place is derived from the same word.
  • Madiwala – ‘Madiwala’ means a washer man in Kannada. Many years ago this place was inhabited by Madiwalas, hence the name.

Doddanekundi – The name of this place has its origins from the Tamils who named it Dodda Nakka Vundi meaning ‘There is a big jackal there’ where the name evolved to its present one owing to the Kannadigas.

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