5 Animal Print Fashion Tips To Look & Feel Good This Summer

Speaking of animal print, we have no divided emotions. We either love it or hate it! However, we can agree that it attracts attention. Combined in a good way, such patterns can look fluttery, elegant, or even chic and expensive. But, what if you don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, ’cause we’ll give you 5 tips on how to wear animal print to look awesome and feel great this summer.

Break The Monotony

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Do you think your wardrobe and style have become boring? Then, it’s the right time to complete your clothes with a few details to refresh them. If you haven’t been wearing animal print before – now it’s the right time. You should try it with pieces of jewelry or small details on your clothes. However, if you are already familiar with this way of dressing – then enjoy it, because this season we have no fashion restrictions. Although during the past seasons this style has changed from monochromatic or two-color models, through neon-shiny colors – this season everything is allowed. Still, keep in mind what you as an individual can successfully wear, and look attractive – but also have a measure of good taste.

Looking Wild, But Looking Good

To make the animal print look good on you, you should combine it with neutral, earth colors – that is, beige shades, sandy shades, and pastel pink tones. Sure, you won’t go wrong if you choose olive green as well. However, those slightly braver ladies can opt for some bolder designs in various colors. Since the summer season already started, you may choose a bathing suit of such a design or maybe opt for an interesting beach scarf.

Is It Fashionable This Season?

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Animal print is back – and again, it made a general boom. Not only in the form of fluttering summer skirts, dresses, and blouses – but also in the form of attractive swimsuits, scarves, and various accessories. If you wish to be noticed, take a look at this website and you’ll see – wildlife and animal patterns are the best choice for this season. The wild cats’ prints are totally IN – and in such summer combinations, you will look irresistible. However, there are other patterns, which due to their colors and shapes go perfectly with hot summer days. We present you a snake in neon shades, a zebra, and a giraffe – which can compete with the wild cats in colors, patterns, and design. If you choose pieces with such patterns – you will not go wrong.

Classic zebra

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The classic black and white stripes make zebra print so unique. Such print exudes style and elegance – mostly because of its fine patterns. If you’re prone to classics and don’t like to experiment too much – then combine a simple black or white T-shirt with a fluttering summer skirt, or thin pants with a zebra design. This print is often used for fashion accessories such as beach bags, beach scarves, or hats – so you can try that as well.

Snake print in neon colors

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Snake print is one of the first animal prints in the fashion industry. From season to season, patterns of different dimensions, as well as shades, appeared. The most famous certainly are the patterns in the shades of brown and black. However, like leopard patterns, due to the muted colors – they are reserved for colder days. Bright colors are popular during the summer season. Therefore, many fashion designers have made various clothing items combining green, pink, and yellow with a snake print. It turned out that this combination of colors and snake patterns is a complete hit. Therefore, fashion designers advise you to get a dress or swimsuit with this pattern.

Cheetah patterns for daring ladies

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Just like the timeless leopard, cheetah patterns are available in contrasting and neutral variants. This print has become a hit – especially in swimwear design. The cheetah bikini looks very challenging – and emphasizes the silhouette of the woman who wears it. If you’d rather opt for a bikini with a high waist and a simpler upper part – your appearance will be really fantastic on the beach. Also, completely irresistible and modern are bathing suits with ribbons over the abdomen. You can opt for a one-piece bathing suit or a bikini tied in the area between the breasts. Daring, hot, and sexy.

Sophisticated giraffe print

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The giraffe pattern is interesting because it looks as if it’s geometrically arranged. That is the true charm of such design – because the patterns and colors make each item of clothing in the giraffe print very unique. The mini or midi dresses in giraffe print are much different from the others. Also, the big summer hats with scarves can be very interesting – as well as accessories such as earrings, etc.

Cow print is back again

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Extremely popular during the 1990s, the cow pattern is increasingly seen on current models – most often with a purple-white pattern. Due to the large patterns, it seems that it can be easily overdone. However, it will look very chic if you combine a fluttering skirt, a bag, and a hat of the same design – as long as the shirt is one color.

Watch Out For Possible Fashion Mistakes

The biggest dilemma with the animal print is always how not to look like a fashion victim when wearing a leopard or snake pattern. So try to combine your pieces carefully – to avoid that your summer outfit looks cheap or even vulgar. It is always better to choose one effective piece of clothing or detail that will look top-notch with neutral one-color pieces. This season, the stores are full of zebra and leopard dresses that go great with big hats or flat sandals. You will notice that the snake design is mostly used on fashion details such as purses, or shoes in various shades of gray, beige, light red, and yellow. On the other hand, leopard and cheetah patterns dominate the dresses – while zebra design is mostly used on thin beach summer shirts.