The First Indian Woman founder CEO aiming the Unicorn

by Antra sah
Zilingo's CEO

Marking her name high in the list of women Indian founder CEOs, Ankiti Bose, the initiator of Zilingo, has reached a near unicorn status. Zilingo is a fashion-oriented e-commerce platform which was started four years ago. It valued around $970 million. This makes the 27-year-old Ankiti Bose the first women founder of a high-value startup.

How Ankiti Bose with his Co-founder rose to success?

Zilingo is a Singapore based company with its branch in Bengaluru. Dhruv Kapoor, the co-founder of the start-up, very efficiently leads his team of hundred people in Bengaluru. Ankiti and Dhruv are a part of the IIT Guwahati alumunus. The startup has managed to get $226 million from Sequoia Capital which may make Ankiti Bose the first women founder of the unicorn. It is estimated that Ankiti is very close to this mark.

Ankiti and Dhruv the founders of Zilingo

Words from Ankiti Bose

Talking about the ‘mantra’ of her success, Ankiti Bose claimed that sensitively dealing with people helped her reach heights. It is not easy for a woman to reach such a high mark in entrepreneurship, but Ankiti, with her hard work and sincerity, has reached this mark.                

Ankiti Bose

Ankiti had analyzed that there were hardly any fashion portals who served South East Asia’s market. Hence, it was an easy target to start off with. Therefore, Ankiti and Dhruv planned to bring up the markets of South East Asia online.

Nothing is Impossible

Ankiti Bose has broken all the stereotypes and has proved that one can become successful with hard work no matter what your gender is. Becoming the first women founder of Unicorn is a mark only a few can think of and even fewer can accomplish. But, Ankiti Bose, with her sharp mind and terrific analytical skills has proved that nothing is impossible.

Hats off to you girl!

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