Fast and Simple Remedies To Stop Anxiety and Panic Attacks

This is truly one of the worst most crippling condition known to man, if left untreated it can cause serious damage to our lives.

So, if you find yourself being severely affected by anxiety attacks which are interfering with your daily life, then, you may want to pay close attention to this home remedies you can use to help fight off this incredibly crippling disease.

1. Drinking Chamomile Tea.

There are two chemicals found in Chamomile that increase relaxation they are apigenin and luteolin, several studies have indicated that people who suffer from Anxiety see and improvement in their symptoms after drinking this tea each time they feel anxious.

2. Increasing your Omega 3 intake.

There has been recent evidence linking Omega 3 and easing anxiety symptoms, as they lower the amount of adrenaline and cortisol on your body, lifting your mood. You may want to consume more tuna, salmon, or walnuts as they are rich sources.

3. Breath in Lavender.

There are several studies linking Lavender and Anxiety relief, which is why it is recommended that you add a few drops of lavender essential oil in your bath, your pillow or even on a handkerchief you keep in hand.

4. Add amino acids like L-lysine to your diet.

This amino acid is the quintessential component of your brain’s neurotransmitters. Studies have shown that those suffering from Anxiety who take L-lysine supplements have seen a reduction in their levels of stress hormones.

5. Getting a natural sunbathe.

There is no better way to get your vitamin D fix than taking a sunbath for just fifteen minutes and you’ll be decreasing your anxiety symptoms and even depression. Don’t just stand there, however, take on an outdoor activity and enjoy the benefits.

6. 21 Minutes of Routine Exercise.

Why just 21 minutes? That is all it takes to reduce your anxiety symptoms. Your body will be flooding with good old endorphins. Many studies have concluded that this boost improves your mood, relaxation and heavily lessens the symptoms of anxiety.

7. Hot baths on Epsom Salts.

Epsom Salts are just incredible, they are good for almost everything, and when mixing it with that already is a relaxing bath, it increases the benefits of regulating your mood and decreasing your anxiety. Add some lavender or Vanilla oil.

8. Reduce caffeine intake.

Surely, caffeine gives our energy an immense boost but it also makes you jumpy and anxious. If you can’t live without, at least try to reduce as much as you can you caffeine intake, as they are bad for your anxiety.

9. Proper Dieting.

Cut down on Caffeine, sugars, and alcohol. Increase your vitamin B12 intake, avoid eating food that is difficult to digest, keep a regular eating schedule, and don’t let yourself starve. Also, cut down on fried foods.

10. Consume specific Foods.

Increase your intake of Blueberries, peaches, whole grains, oats, avocados, as they all help to reduce and/or ease your anxiety symptoms.

You may also want to consider consuming foods rich in vitamin C, omega 3 and magnesium, as they lower your levels of cortisol on your body.