Are Electric Shavers Bad for your Skin?

The men who want to grow a beard, and trim it regularly, are always confused when they have to choose electric or traditional shaving. Even when you want a long beard, you have to trim it regularly. Some of them want to be completely shaved, and the struggle is even bigger when having to make the same decision. For some men, there is nothing better than an electric shaver, but others prefer manual razors for different reasons. According to, it can be a pretty painful and unpleasant experience for some men, especially those with sensitive skin.

When buying an electric shaver, you have to at least know your skin type. Also, these devices come with multiple additions for different uses, and they are pretty popular because of that. Surely, sometimes wet shaving is better, and you can combine both of them if you like, or stick to one of the choices. In general, we can say that electric razors are protecting sensitive skin, because they don’t cause frictions between the shaver and skin, so you have no chance for cuts, and the irritations will be smaller (if they occur). The traditional razor is gliding on the skin, and even the smallest bump can cause tiny injury, that can turn to skin irritation in just a few hours. But, the manual razors provide excellent exfoliation to your skin, and it’s really difficult to make a smart choice.

The men who are lucky enough to have healthy skin can use everything. But, those with sensitive skin should be very careful when choosing the razor. They also should use a proper cosmetic after shaving, so they can prevent irritation and acne.

Electric shaving has a few other benefits, including:

Saving time

Electric shavers save a lot of time, and that’s a fact. You don’t need to use a special soap to make the hairs softer, so the manual razor can cut them off. And with these devices is much easier, since you only have to choose the right head and cartridge, and get the look you prefer.

Easy maintenance

These devices usually work on batteries, and you have to charge them before use. Since you will use them mostly in the bath, the manufacturers often think about that, and won’t let you use it connected to an electric network. That means, you have to choose a chargeable shaver, so you can avoid unpleasant situations when using it. Also, the heads are removable, and the set usually comes with a brush, you can use to clean it.

It’s comfortable to use

Not only it’s fast and easy, but it’s also pretty comfortable to use an electric razor. For some men, using the manual razor isn’t the best choice, because the blades can cause skin damages if not used properly. So, electric razors are great for those who want comfort without the risk of cuts and other tiny injuries.

Great economical choice

You don’t need to invest in a very expensive shaver. Also, if the device is expensive, the removable razors can always be found for a reasonable price. It may seem like a big expense at the beginning, but it’s a very economical choice in a long run. Some razors may last for years if maintained properly, which means you don’t have to buy manual blades for every shaving since it’s recommended not to use them more than two times.

What harms the skin more?


Every scientific proof is showing us that manual blades are more harmful to the skin barrier. You are cutting over the surface, and as we said, it provides a nice exfoliation, but it’s not a good choice in a long run. According to some users, these blades are even more effective than the electric shavers, because they cut the hairs at the root, giving a better result. But, removing the surface layers of the skin can be a huge issue for some men. Using an aftershave lotion seems like a nice solution, as soon as it’s suitable to the skin type.

The truth is that we can’t see those micro-injuries, but they are cracks that can be easily irritated by the sweat and dust, and cause even more irritation – and no one wants that. Electric shavers won’t do that to your skin. No matter how “deep” in the hair they cut, they won’t scratch the skin surface, and won’t cause injuries.

So, when it comes to sensitive skin, it’s obviously better to use an electric shaver, and then give proper care with the needed cosmetics.

Keep in mind that, as we said, electric devices don’t shave very close to the skin, and they aren’t a good choice if you want a smooth finish. Also, your skin will need some time to adapt. Deep exfoliation can be very beneficial, for removing the dead cells from your face and chin, and you should consider combining the two ways and take care of the face properly after that.

Just take an example from your sister, wife, or girlfriend. You can even ask them for some skincare tips after shaving, because, believe us, they know more than you think. Sometimes it may take up to a few weeks until you adapt to the electric devices, but once you learn how to use them, you will never get back to the manual razors.

The benefits of traditional shaving


This is the most precise way to remove the hairs from your face, and it’s pretty affordable since you don’t need to spend a lot of money at once to buy it. Also, it requires skills and technique, so you can end up shaving with no injuries. At the same time, it’s time-consuming, which is far from beneficial, but you have a chance to be very detailed, and not to miss even a hair. There are some bad sides too because wet shaving can lead to bumps and ingrown hair – which leads us to the conclusion that for sensitive skin, electric shavers are the best choice.

Now you have everything you need to know, and if in doubt, go for the electric one. It’s better for a long-term plan and will protect your skin from acne and other damages.