Are you suffering from Gastric Ulcer? Here are 4 Food Suggestions to avoid & 4 Food Suggestions to eat!

Nowadays many of us suffer from gastritis or gastric ulcer. This might be because of our unhygienic food habits like eating junks all the time. This also might be because of having the food on the wrong time! Yes, we all should follow a proper timing to eat. But, today, we are going to look into the foods that people with gastritis must avoid and foods they should definitely eat!

4 superfoods that people with gastritis should definitely eat:

  1. Foods rich in omega 3:

Make sure that you eat items such as salmon, tuna, walnuts, sardines, and chia seeds etc. which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 has anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce the burning effects due to gastric ulcer.

  1. Heavy meal for breakfast:

It’s very important that you start your day by having a healthy and heavy breakfast like a bowl of oats with fruits and salad or pancakes with poached eggs or brown bread with scrambled eggs and fruit juice. Also, please have your breakfast with an hour after you wake up.

  1. Have enough lean protein:

Like it’s important to have enough carbs daily, it’s also important that you eat the right amount of lean protein on a daily basis. So, include lots of chicken, egg whites, fish, etc. in your regular diet!

  1. Healthy fruit juice or fruit smoothie:
Fruit, drink, grape.

Instead of having a cup of coffee, you can have a glass of healthy fruit juice or the fruit smoothie and satisfy your hunger. This is perfect for all people with the gastric ulcer!

4 foods that people with gastritis should definitely avoid:

  1. Deep-fried food items:

People with the gastric ulcer should definitely avoid any deep-fried items such as French Fries, Fried Chicken, Fried Fish Pakora, and any friend snacks etc.

  1. Super-spicy food:

It’s important that you eat less spicy food. Sometimes, having too spicy food might lead to abdomen burning and inflammation. So, eat less spicy and stay healthy!

  1. Acidic drinks and carbonated drinks:

Try to avoid acidic drinks like soft drinks, cold drinks, citrus fruit juices, coffee etc. Otherwise, this might lead to burning inflammation in the abdomen.

  1. Processed and packaged meat:

Don’t eat processed meat like sausages, stakes, and packaged meat etc. Packaged meat is not at all healthy and people with gastric problems should definitely avoid processed meat!