Argumentative Essays and How to Write Them Well

The best approach that you can take as a writer to come up with a great argumentative essay capable of clearly showing your position on a selected topic.

Argumentative essays are common assignments to students in colleges and high schools and comprise of topics related to health care, sciences, and technology. This kind of essay is complex and confuses even the experienced and well-seasoned writers. But with the knowledge of the writing basics, you can finish the paper without hitches, and you don’t have to seek help from writing services. An argumentative essay usually demands more hard work than any other essay in terms of preparations and research. In this genre of the essay, writers attempt in persuading their readers into understanding as well as supporting their points of view regarding particular topics by clearly providing their reasoning and giving enough evidence to back it up. Before writing, even the best argumentative essay writers require a lot of research where they are required to collect information through surveys, interviews, experiments, or observation. Researching well helps the writers to have more knowledge about the topics in question as well as understanding different points of view concerning these topics so that they are able to choose positions and support them with the information gathered during research. When preparing to write an argumentative essay, it is very important to note that arguments are the backbone of the paper and therefore, should be given the necessary attention. In addition, the arguments should have a simple structure so that your readers will find it easier to follow your concept as well as understanding it. The aim of an argumentative essay is to clearly outline a point of view, evidence, and, reasoning.

A great argumentative essay should have the following structures:

Introductory Paragraph


The introductory statement is very critical to this type of essay as it determines a lot of whether the paper is going to be a success or fail, according to Your introduction words should be interesting enough to make your readers hooked to your writing. The aim of the introduction is to enable your audience to grasp the concepts in your topic and where you stand. In this paragraph of your paper, you need to outline your topic as well as providing brief background information that will assist your audience in understanding your arguments. You are also required to state the evidence you are going to present.

Thesis Statement


This is a sentence summarizing your main point and arguments and is usually a part of your introductory paragraph. It is the last sentence in your introductory paragraph and should be precise and clear in demonstrating your position regarding the topic. A thesis statement should be simple to make the readers understand the topic at hand from the beginning.

Body Paragraphs


Typically, argumentative essays comprise of three or more paragraphs explaining why you are supporting your thesis. Each of the paragraphs must be covering a different piece of evidence stating why you are supporting your argument. All body paragraphs must start with a topic sentence whose main role is to introduce a shred of fresh evidence for your argument. The topic sentence will be followed by different types of evidence, such as research, text citations, and statistics for strengthening your claims. You can also demonstrate your academic talents by offering counter-argument points at the end of everybody’s paragraph and explaining why you don’t agree with them by the use of powerful evidence in support of your view of point. Usually, in argumentative essays, it is only wise to write the topic from all angles.


This is the last paragraph restating your thesis as well as summarizing all the points in the arguments you made in the body paragraphs without introducing new evidence or ideas. Basically, after reading your essay, the readers may think of conducting further research on the topic. In order to make your conclusion more interesting and memorable, a writer can add his/her story and how it relates to the arguments given in the body paragraphs. This way, the reader will end up responding well to such anecdotes and will, in return, pay much attention to your work.

Questions you should ask yourself after finishing your Argumentative Essay


After you are through with writing your essay, you are advised into giving it a critical look to help you realize what needs to be altered and improved in your paper in order to make it easy to relay your points to your readers. The following questions should be used as a guideline in determining if you have done a great job with your paper or whether it still needs some more work:

  1. The top question is whether you have stated your topic as well as your argument sentence clearly and precisely?
  2. Will your audience find it easy to follow your writing, or will they end up being confused and as a result losing interest in your essay?
  3. Did you choose the appropriate structure and correct wording for your paper? Are the words used too ambiguous for your readers to understand?
  4. Did you give enough and strong evidence to support your argument, or will the readers find it too weak to convince them?
  5. Will your audience feel convinced with your angle of argument?

From the above information and guidelines, you are now aware of how to write the argumentative essay ever from the beginning through to the end. Although it is not easy, you can do a great when you dedicate yourself. You will more likely feel more capable and confident to use your own writing abilities and knowledge. To new and aspiring writers who had no idea about argumentative essays are well covered and can use the above tips to their advantages and experience a new way of writing. Still, having problems to start off as an argumentative essay writer? No need to worry! You can readily get assistance from numerous essay writing services companies, for example, Peachy Essay which is widely available online. You only need to pick the one you think is most appropriate for you and they will gladly help you to set off on the right foot.