Top 7 Historical Attractions & Things to Do in Barbados in 2022

Tourist destinations are always heavily connected with something that attracts all of those people to come and visit. For example, Egypt attracts so many people because of the pyramids. As we all know the pyramids fall into the category of historical sights with extreme significance and value. But, Egypt is not the only destination that has to offer something like this to the visitors. Paris has the tower, China has its wall, and even Chernobyl has a nuclear reactor that quickly turned from a catastrophe to a significant historical spot.

Needless to say, every place has something to offer, some more than others, but at the end of the day, it’s a shame to live this life without seeing any of those things. History is history, and it’s very important that we know ours, even when it’s not directly connected to us. It’s great to explore cultures and learn about things that are a huge part of someone else’s life.

Anyway, here, we’re going to talk about Barbados. This destination received a lot of attention in the past few years, and it would probably be one of the most visited ones if the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t ruin our summer completely. However, we can now look at the bright side, and use all this free time to plan our next summer. Or, if you still can, visit it now while 2022 lasts. Let’s take a look.

1. The pebbles beach

This is not just any type of beach. This is the famous pebbles beach located in Barbados. Here you will have the best time of your life if you are someone who absolutely enjoys spending time by the sea. The view is just mesmerizing and the feeling you get when walking on the pebbles is even better. Get here before the sun rises and thank us later for it. You can even spend the night on the beach and wait for the sunrise the next day. One of the best and most relaxing places where you can spend your holiday is exactly this pebble beach.

2. Animal flower Cave


Probably the most unique thing that you’ve ever seen in your life. This cave is just magical, and you can get there by visiting the northern part of the island. If you are lucky enough and you visit at the right time, you will spot the whales playing around in the water. A great opportunity to take mesmerizing photos if you are a photographer or someone who’s about to get millions of likes for the absolutely amazing pictures you’re about to take.

3. Richard Haynes Boardwalk

This is not exactly a historical location, but it’s definitely one of the best ways to pass your time while visiting Barbados in 2022. This boardwalk is amazing because of the sight you’re rewarded with while walking there. It’s about two kilometers long and you can use it for jogging or just regular walking. There are a few restaurants right nearby, where you can enjoy lunch while looking at the beautiful sea. Truly a mesmerizing sight, and a pot that you have to visit if you’re going to Barbados anytime soon. Visit to read more on boardwalks at Barbados.

4. St. Nicholas Abbey


Despite the name reminding everyone of religion, we want to assure you that this particular location is not very connected to religion at all. Currently, St Nicholas Abbey is a private property owned by Larry Warren, but they allow tours for everybody who wants to see the antiques and learn more about the history of the place. One tour will last for about two or three hours. Once again, you can take a lot of beautiful pictures of this place. It’s definitely worth a visit.

5. The famous Crane Beach


Another beach that we recommend, this one a bit different than The Pebble Beach. We find this location to be quite amazing due to the fact that nature “protected it” in its own way by slowly building the natural walls around it. The water is turquoise and the sand is white, that’s a formula for your own paradise on Earth. It’s not the “spaciest” spot that you’ll find on the Island, but if you manage to get here early enough before everyone else, you’ll find a spot for your towel. There’s a very luxurious resort right next to it as well.

6. Farley Hill Park


The National Park of Farley Hill, a place where you can stare at the beautiful plants, take pictures, stand and absorb the energy from the sun, or do whatever you want to do. This location is amazing. It’s a historical location and it has a very interesting past. This place was burned down a few times before being restored back in 1950, then turned into a national park protected by law somewhere around 1965. Everything is overgrown and it provides a mesmerizing sight for those who love both architecture and nature. If you are a photographer or someone who enjoys taking pictures for social media, you can get some true aesthetics shots from this place. It’s not too far away from other cool locales on Barbados, so definitely don’t miss the chance to visit it.

7. The botanic gardens Andromeda


If you are a lover of nature, there’s no chance in the world that you won’t like something like this. This spot is amazing if you want to rest your head for a while and enjoy nothing more than the beautiful sounds of nature. The mix of greenness, trees, and birds will provide you the best relaxation you’ve ever had. A very cool thing to know about the place is the fact that the trees that grow here were the main inspiration for this island to be named Barbados. The name for the island was given by the Portuguese sailors. They named it this way because Barbados means “The Bearded Ones”, and they got this idea by the looks of these trees that look like they have a beard. Barbados is also home of 271 bird species and a lot of visitors come here specially to enjoy and watch them. If you just like birds but are not familiar in birdwatch then guide from will help you.