Baahubali: Next big Indian series to stream online on Netflix after Sacred Games

Netflix: one of the leading entertainment service providers of the world is a name on everyone’s name. It has all the amazing shows streaming online. Today, Netflix announced the streaming of the new Indian series after the grand response of the Saif-Ali-Khan starred Sacred Games last month. This was the 1st ever Indian series to go online on Netflix and to all amazement, it had got a splendid response from the viewers.

The new Indian series is going to be based on the blockbuster movie – Baahubali. This series is going to be divided into 2 seasons.  Season 1: the Baahubali before the beginning and Season 2: The beginning and BAahubali. This is going to be the revamping of the novel,” The Rise of Sivagami”, on which the movie was based.

In its official announcement of this upcoming Indian series, Netflix announced,

“This (prequel) series captures Queen Sivagami’s journey from a rebellious and vengeful girl to a wise and unequaled queen. Power, politics, and intrigue find themselves juxtaposed against the rise of Mahishmati – from being a city-state to an empire. This is the rich backdrop and drama where the Baahubali franchise is set. The series promises to build on the incredible narrative style of the franchise – including its high production values, spectacular visuals and connective-epic story-telling.”

For this thrilling, powerful webs series Netflix had partnered with Arka Media works and SS Rajamouli, the team behind the original movie. This series is going to be co-directed by Deva Katta and Praveen Sataru. In an interview, Katta said that the show shooting has been under progress and that it might get extended to 3 seasons, though Netflix has a contract of 2 seasons.  The order might get extended depending on the success of 1st 2 seasons.

In an interview, SS Rajamouli said, “The World of Baahubali is extensive and immersive with strong characters and larger than life kingdoms. The films Baahubali -The Beginning and The Conclusion, are from one story set in this world and more dramatic stories were broadly conceived while building the Universe. The Baahubali Series, a prequel to the films, is one such story. I am very excited that this is being adapted as a Netflix Original Series. With Netflix as our partner, we have the opportunity to create a rich and riveting series and take this quintessential Indian epic to the world, which is very gratifying to me as a story-teller.”

Quoting the words of the Vice President of International Originals at Netflix, Erik Barmack “We are excited to work with some of the world’s most talented writers and producers on one of India’s most beloved stories. The series is a tremendous opportunity for us to give audiences more of the universe that they have come to love, and welcome millions more into the global ‘Baahubali’ fandom.”

Only this announcement has been made that Baahubali will be streaming on Netflix but no further announcements have been aired. The news regarding castings and the release date is still awaited

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