Bangalore: Bangalore’s Crime Fighting Teachers

Byadarahalli police station in Ramanagar district came up with a new idea to keep the school kids engaged in summer. They decided to organise a camp for around 400 children. The camp was in regards to instil a new sense of friendship between the police and the kids. The camp wanted to show how the police was a people-friendly force that worked on the behalf of the people. The creation of a positive image in the young minds was one of the key factors behind this camp. This was a free camp held on Saturday between 9 am and 1 pm.

The free camp also focused on teaching kids about the FIR procedure and arresting of criminals. One of the first camps of its kind, it focused on the aspects of the police department that was necessary to be learnt by the children as it would help them in the future. The other important reason behind the conduction of such a camp was to replace the bad image in the minds of the children created by the public and replace it with an image that represents respect and faith on the police department.

This was then followed by a session on health and personal hygiene. The session was conducted by private doctors. The highlight of this camp was the discussion of sexual abuse. With the rise in the rate of crimes against children in the country, this was a very important matter that needed discussion. The children were shown self-explanatory videos that showed how the kids can protect themselves against miscreants in different places. The discussion also highlighted the differences between touch; good and bad ones. This particular session was one of the greatest highlights of the camp.

A fire safety session was on the schedule too. The district fire force officer Syed Abbas took the particular session. He gave out tips and instructions that had to be followed in case of fire. This was followed by a demonstration by him showing how to use the water spray hose during a fire accident.

The camp was a big success. It helped the children to learn a lot about the safety departments present in our country. It helped build a trust in the minds of the children, a trust that will last for a long time. Moreover, this camp also helped the children to know the various procedures that are involved in the different departments. The children responded positively to the camp. Most of them jotted down the numbers of the police departments in the surrounding areas in order to report any disorder or untoward incidents that they may across. This camp definitely has planted seeds of concern for the safety of the society in children.