12 Best Bars And Party Places You Must Visit In Berlin 

The capital of Germany represents one of the best places in the whole world if you are interested in parties, clubs, music, and cultural performances. One of the most popular events is the Berlinale movie festival. Also, this city is famous for its rich nightlife and historical monuments like Museum Island, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Building, and more. You can see a lot of young people here, especially during the night because Berlin is famous for its clubs and bars, great DJs, and overall experience as one of the best cities for clubbing in the world.

You can have a great time even when you went there alone. Also, you can have a company of a nice lady if you are interested in escorts services. Visit topescort.com to see the full list of beautiful ladies available in Berlin. One of the best things related to Berlin is that there are so many clubs and bars where you can have a great time, no matter if you are alone or with a company. Therefore, we have selected some of the best bars and party places that you must visit in Berlin.

1. SO36

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This club represents one of the best in this city. Also, we could see performances of some popular bands in this club, such as The Doctors, Dead Kennedys, Exploited, and many others. This place is always crowded, especially during Friday and Saturday, while it is closed on Sunday and Monday. The working hours are between 9 PM and 5 AM.

2. Chameleon

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If you prefer to listen to live performances over DJs, Chameleon is a place in Berlin where you can hear many bands. Besides the music, you can also enjoy performances of acrobats, or in a theatre show. Also, you can attend one of the best circus shows in Europe. It is opening at 6 PM and works until early in the morning.

3. Wilde Renate

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If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy some alternative sound and culture, Tripindicator advises you to visit Wilde Renate. In this club, you can hear all sorts of electronic sounds from modern tech-house, disco, to older house music and acid techno. Also, there are many seats all around this place, which is perfect for a short rest before you continue dancing. It is opened every day from 12 PM to 12 AM, except during Thursday when it gets closed at 9 AM.

4. Das Hotel Bar

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Besides many amazing nightclubs, you can have a great time in some local bar as well, and Germany is famous for its bars, beer, sausages, pretzels, and more. Das Hotel Bar is a perfect combination of food, great ambient, and live music. However, since it is a small local, you should take your place earlier in the evening. This bar represents a great place for heating up before you continue partying in some clubs.

5. Kantine am Berghain

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While there are numerous places where you can hang out during the night, we also have to mention Kantite am Berghain, which is excellent for laying down during the day while enjoying some good German beer. Their beer garden is the most popular spot of this local bar, while the other parts of this club are more for people with energy to dance throughout the night.

6. Prater Garten

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One of the first associations with Germany is a good beer and Prater Garten as one of the oldest places in town can offer you a wide selection of lager and craft beers. Also, it is opened every day, which means that you can enjoy a nice glass of beer and local food before you continue searching among other attractive places in Berlin. Moreover, we can see that this place has a lot of positive comments and recommendations, which means that you should not miss while in Berlin.

7. Watergate

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If you like the unique tone of minimal techno made by Berlin DJs, visit Watergate. The German techno scene is very popular in the world because it has a special vibe. The most popular DJ from this city are Paul Kalkenberg, Moderat, Monolake, and many others. This club is opened on Saturday, Friday, and Wednesday from midnight, and stays open until the morning.

8. Geist Im Glass

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If you want to try something else besides beer, we advise you to check out Geist Im Glass, where you can enjoy some of the best cocktails in the city. You can choose from a wide selection of receipts and order food as well. Many people choose this place to recover from a rough night. The most popular food is their special pancakes.

9. Dschungel Bar

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There are many tourists in Berlin, which means that you could hardly find a place to spend time only with local people. However, you can have a full experience of life in this place if you visit Dschungel Bar, or a Jungle Bar, when we translate it. This is one of the strangest places in the whole city, with unconventional accessories and even live animals all around. Dschungel Bar is for people who are looking for something more different.

10. Silver Future

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German people are known as being open-minded and progressive. They are open to different sexualities, fantasies, and pleasures. The bar Silver Future is a place that is celebrating their open-mindedness. There are various accessories all around resembling the gay population and freedom.

11. Ä

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If you want to avoid some fancy places and find a bar where you can feel the most of local culture, visit Ä pub. The main advantage of this bar is the cheap prices of beverages and separate areas for smokers and non-smokers. You can also play table football with your friends.

12. Luzia

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The bar Luzia is another place specially designed for people who prefer alternative and modern urban culture. The ambient is relaxing and you can choose from a wide selection of beers. This place has a separate smoking area as well.