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Unique Lehenga Styles of Janhvi Kapoor that you can definitely try on!

This year Janhvi Kapoor, elder daughter of legendary actress Sridevi, made her big Bollywood debut with the film “Dhadak” this year. At the age of 21, this young actress has already impressed us all with her innocence as well as her stylish avatars. Within one year, she has stunned everyone with unique, stylish, and sartorial […]

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5 Famous Celebrities who were born Male, but now are Gorgeous Females

Who says that a male can’t look as gorgeous as a female? Today, let’s take a look at famous celebrities who were born as a male but turned them into stunning females! Jefferee Star: Do you know about Jefferee Star? Jefferee Star is not just a famous YouTuber or an Interment Influencer; he is also […]

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Check out how the “Kaanta Laga” Girl Shefali Zariwala looks Today at the Age of 35!

Remember the era of song remixes? At the early 2000’s, it was a time when people were going crazy for disco songs! Just like Phalguni’s Chudi, the disco song “Kaanta Laga” became so popular at that time that people were going crazy for this song. The actual credit for the success of the video song […]