Benefits of Penuma Implant Surgery – 2024 Guide

Erectile dysfunction is a condition most common men older than 60. According to the official statistics, 25% of men that have reached a certain age are going to suffer from this condition. At the same time, many men feel uncomfortable when talking about it, so most of them don’t have a conversation about it. The first line of preventing and curing these conditions is prescription pills. Therefore, it can be said that even though there are a lot of cases, a huge percentage of them never undergo proper treatment, mainly because they’re ashamed. So, many of them undergo a procedure of penile implants.

For some reason, this procedure isn’t perceived as a taboo as the curing the condition. Naturally, before undergoing a procedure like this, it is widely recommended that a patient do some research before the operation date has been decided. Therefore, we are going to talk about penuma implant surgery. This is a highly complex surgery that has the task of penis enlargement that is often performed in cases when pills are not such a good option. If you are interested in learning more about it, be sure to find more information here. Now, we are going to talk about penuma implant surgery and its health benefits. Without further ado, let us begin.

What is Implant Surgery?

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The main reasons for this procedure can be a cosmetic improvement for people who have some deformities, erectile dysfunction, and many other problems that can appear during an adult man’s life. Moreover, some people can be born with these. Therefore, this is the fastest and the most effective way of improving the state of a patient.

Also, some people decide on having this procedure for the sake of the size of their male reproductive organs. It can be said that this became a trend to some degree because we can see that a lot of men who have this procedure purely for the sake of penis enlargement. Don’t get us wrong, this is not a mistake, but the whole trend is not just for the sake of health anymore.

Benefits and Setbacks of Penile Implant Surgery

If you talk to the doctors, you will receive the answer that this is a long-term treatment of erectile dysfunction. This process provides a patient with the possibility to have an erection at any time it wishes to have one. Now, we are going to get deeper into the benefits and setbacks of having penuma implant surgery.


  • This procedure has a tradition of more than 40 years.
  • Patient satisfaction is at a pretty high rate.
  • The procedure is pretty short. It takes about an hour to finish.
  • It can be done as an outpatient procedure.


  • It is not covered with insurance most of the time.

How do Implants Work?

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There are two main types of penile implants. The more popular of them is a 3-piece inflatable implant. The other one is a malleable penile implant. The main difference between these two is that the later one produces a constant firm reproductive organ and the more popular one introduces a natural feeling when it comes to an erection.

What About Penuma Implant Surgery?

The first thing about this procedure that needs to be known is that penuma is a type of silicone. Softer type of silicone, to be precise. This is a silicone that was introduced in the last couple of years. The silicone is inserted under the skin of the penis and makes it larger. The penuma implants come in three main sizes, extra-extra-large, extra-large, and large. Now, we are going to introduce you to the features of these implants and some post-operative features.


  • The procedure gives a natural look.
  • It doesn’t interfere with the penile function.
  • Permanent cosmetic changes to the organ.
  • The surgeon decides the size of the implant for the particular case.

Post-Operative Features

  • No visible scars.
  • Effectiveness track record
  • 2-4 days of recovery time.

How This Procedure Works?

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There two types of tissues that provide the size and the shape to the penis.

Corpus Spongiosum is a cylindrical tissue that goes from the bottom of the organ and surrounds the upper part from where the urine comes out.
Corpus Cavernosa is a cylindrical tissue that consists of two parallel parts of the tissue that completely surround the penis.

The implants are made to fit the appropriate size of the patient’s reproductive organ. It can be described as a sheath inserted into the shaft over the corpus cavernosal. The procedure is done by inserting the implant into the penis’s base. The implant stretches the skin and tissue in order to make the penis appear bigger and has the feeling of being larger.

Things to Know Before the Surgery

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Since this is a highly complex procedure, there are some things you need to know before you are ready for the procedure itself. Now, we are going to list some of them.

  • Circumcision is a definite must before the procedure.
  • Sexual activities and masturbation need to be put on hold for at least 6 weeks after the procedure.
  • The surgery takes around 45 to complete.
  • You will be released to your home the same day when the procedure is performed.
  • Two or three days later, after the procedure, the patient will be visiting for a regular checkup.
  • General anesthesia is going to be used to keep the patient asleep during the surgery.

The Conclusion

Erectile dysfunction and cosmetic irregularities of the male reproductive organs are pretty common. Much more common than we really know. Therefore, the health industry has found some solutions to these issues. One of the most effective and fastest ways to complete them is surgery. Many people don’t want to take prescription pills for various reasons. The main reason is that this is a therapy that lasts pretty long. Nowadays, we can see that penuma implant surgery has become a trend in plastic surgery. This is not without reason. We hope that you will find our article useful.