Running Can Help In Early Stage Diabetes and Reduces Heart Attack Risk

A lot of people say that exercise is medicine. However this is no just saying, it is a proven fact. And not only people say that but there are countless scientists that have perform a incalculable amount of tests and experiments to support this. There is more that enough scientific evidence that support the fact that a good amount of exercise, some scientists say 150 minutes weekly which is the same as 30 minutes 5 times a week, and particularly running has extremely important health benefits that you are not able to find in any medicine.

Recent studies show that running is so beneficial that has preventive results. It helps you reduce the possibility of having diseases like type-2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, as well as suffering from high blood pressure, strokes, some cancers, and many unpleasant conditions. Furthermore, by running you do not only avoid suffering from a lot of physical diseases and conditions but you can also improve the quality of your emotional and mental health. We will explain you how.

People who run are happier

This is something every runner, athlete, and martial artists know by experience. Running makes you feel happier regardless of having a horrible day of having heard bad news. But how does that work? Well, when we frequently have physical activities like running or working out, our body produces a kind of hormones that gives us the sensation of being happy, as stated by This hormone is called endocannabinoids. This fact has been studies by a lot of scientist. They say that a single running session of 30 or 40 minutes can significantly improve the mood of a person that suffers from a major depressive order.

And specially during those difficult days when getting up is so difficult, let alone getting dressed and ready for going outside and start running or jugging, physical activity will keep your mind and body healthy helping you avoid anxiety and depression. According to scientist, people who have frequent exercise sessions are able to keep their enhanced moods even long after finishing their exercises. This is due to the fact that your body gets used to processing these hormones which helps their effect stay for longer periods of time. It also helps you have more meaningful sleep sessions as well as be more concentrated and having a much more positive attitude during the day.

Running Keeps you Fit

You are well aware of the fact that exercising burns calories. However, the great thing about running is that the effect of calorie-burning continues for even after you finish your exercise session. Studies have shown that running improves the quantity “afterburn” which is the amount of calories that you keep burning after finishing your exercises.

Furthermore, you are no required to run extremely fast and squeeze your last drop of energy out until you can have any positive result. The reality cannot be more different. Just run as fast as you want, remember that the idea of all this is to do an activity that you can enjoy and take advantage of all the health benefits of running.