8 Business Benefits Of Vehicle Tracking Devices

Your employees might not feel comfortable sharing their location history to the company. But it would help if you think about your business first. Tracking devices brings a lot more benefits than you can imagine. You get to know the exact location of your company’s vehicles. Keeping track of the vehicles and can know if the employees are using the company’s vehicles for personal reasons.

You will come to know if the vehicles are moving out of the track. In case of any robbery, you will also know about keeping track of the vehicles. You can inform the law enforcement agencies on time. Through the GPS devices, you can take care of your company’s business. You can get details of the different gadgets from mobilizz.com for more info do visit their website.ere are some of the other advantages that you will get from the vehicle tracking devices.

1. Maximize the vehicular assets of your business

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You can know about the proper utilization of your company’s vehicles. If the vehicles are not being utilized, you can get rid of them. There is no need to keep extra vehicles in the garage. Keep only the ones that are needed for the business. Besides, if you are planning your business expansion, you can buy some new ones. Thus, you will know the under and overutilization of the vehicles.

2. Increases productivity with less administrative work

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You can make settings on the tracking devices to get the location logs. This will reduce a lot of efforts in the administrative paperwork. Through the help of these logs, you will know the distance (in km) travelled by the vehicles. So instead of managing the paper-based logbooks, you can get the automated log record. This will reduce the efforts of the office workers. In addition, you won’t have to hire personnel for this task only.

3. Unauthorized and theft notifications on time

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You can make settings to get the notification if your car is not supposed to leave a particular place. For example, all the vehicles of the company have been parked in the parking area. They are not supposed to leave that parking until the next morning. So if any car is leaving the parking at the time when it is not yet the time for it to leave, you will be notified.

The tracking technology will help you out with the theft control. Your company’s assets won’t leave the company without your permission. Theft cases result in a lot of financial burden to the company. And through the use of GPS devices, you can reduce this unnecessary financial pressure on the company’s assets.

4. Quick recovery of the vehicles

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If somehow the company’s car has been stolen from the way, you will be able to recover it in less time. How? You will have the location of the vehicle, which will help the police to get to it. They won’t have to look for the proofs or watch the CCTV videos. The police will have the exact location and they can inform the local police of that area. Thus, you will be able to reduce any possible damage and vandalism also.

5. Occupational health and safety (OHS)

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The health and safety of the workers have been increased in the past few years. The international organization for the rights of labours have forced the companies to ensure the safety of the labour force. So that they won’t have to face any trouble. Therefore, the increased awareness about labour rights has resulted in the company’s concern about the OHS.

The use of GPS in the company’s vehicles allow the concerned authorities to take timely action in case of any issue. For example, if a driver or loader have faced some problem on their way. And they are unable to contact any rescue service at that place, and the company can take care of that. The higher-ups of the company will know the exact location of the driver. After that, they can inform the rescue service managers to go to that place and provide timely aid to them.

6. Improvement of the customer service

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Suppose you can inform your customers about the exact time of the parcel that would be convenient for both. Without the GPS technology, you will be able to tell the customer about the estimated time of arrival of the parcel. For example, if the parcel is urgent and your customer asks you where it has reached, you can tell them the exact time. Like the package would be at your doorstep in next 10 to 15 minutes.

Improving customer service helps enhance the business of the company. With this precise information, the customers will be satisfied with your service and will order again. If they need timely delivery, they will come back to you.

7. Direct information without disturbing the drivers

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The main office will directly know about the details of the drivers. So instead of calling theme every single time, you can check the location details. Frequent calls to the drivers also disturb their performance, and they also get irritated. And this also makes them stressed if they get calls from the main office. Such calls also increase the risk of accidents.

And if the customer inquiries about the parcel, the main office will be able to guide them precisely. The company won’t have to ask the driver after getting a call from the customers.

8. Get a discount from insurance companies

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The insurance companies can prevent a lot of damage through GPS technology. Especially in terms of theft, insurance companies can avoid a significant loss from happening. Therefore, most of the companies provide you with a discount if you use GPS tracking in your company vehicles.

The annual cost of insurance of the vehicles can be significantly reduced through the use of these discounts. Besides, this tracking option will encourage the drivers to drive safely on the roads as the company can easily track their wrong moves.