Crazy for Pizza? These Are The 5 Best Pizza Places In Bangalore

Do you have an unbelievably inexhaustible appetite for pizza? Biting into a delicious crust resplendent with the most flavorsome toppings ever – surely a reason good enough to step into a food coma. Thankfully, Bangalore rewards you with amazing options to quench your craving for good yummy pizza. Pizza is indeed a favorite choice for lots these days. Therefore, spotting outlets selling the Italian favorite at every nook and corner of the city isn’t uncommon. However, taste and a variety in toppings available is what counts. Settling for a snack corner selling average pizzas isn’t good enough. The taste should linger, keeping you hankering for more. If you are of an idea similar to mine, let’s dig deep and gain insight on the crowd-favorite best-selling pizza joints in the Garden city.

Café Pascucci – Old charm never fades. The little vintage place in Jayanagar proves it all. There’s much to be loved about the intimate ambience running through the place. Wish to wrap up long chats over delicious pizzas? Café Pascucci is a place to head into. And do you know why the flavors of pizzas served here is on point? Well, it is the wood fired pizzas that are brought on boards. Tasty and light on your pockets, what more do you need to soak up a blissful foodelicious moment?

Blimey – Awesome pizza is guaranteed when you hop into Blimey in MG Road. The place does not star exotic settings and a fancy menu. However, pizzas served here are absolutely delicious. What’s more? It surely tops the charts of hot-spots in the city due to the awesome set of music that’s always on play. Flavorsome pizza and melodious tracks to die for. Now, that’s a combo to beat, right? Hey. don’t forget nibbling into their famous breakfast pizza.

Fenny’s – Picking up the word Fenny straightaway takes us to the very hep Goa. Least to say, Fenny’s in Koramangala, Bangalore does serve mouth-watering pizzas. Certainly, explains why the place makes it to our list of the best pizza joints available in Silicon Valley. Baked to perfection, thin crust pizza’s here are paired with scrumptious toppings. What makes this place yet more incredible is the joyous Goan vibe and settings. Do try out their fiery vegetable pizza.

Italia – If ambiance play a pivotal role, then Italia is surely the place to be in. One of the crowd-pleasing restaurants in the city, this fancy and posh setting in ‘The Park’ will reward you a fine dining Italian experience by large. Needless to say, pizzas served here are created by well-seasoned masters. Scrumptious would be an under-statement if the pizzas here were to be described. Topping it off, the settings of the place. White walls accessorized with accent white chairs and sophisticated furnishings will awe-inspire you in umpteen ways. Once you try their Margherita, you will always be craving for more.

Via Milano – This place is more than just a regular pizza joint. Coupled with a comfy ambiance that’s dim-lit, Via Milano is a crowd pleaser. Wondering why? Well, it serves one of the most amazing pizzas in town. The crust served here is worth a mention. Although its slightly thick, the crust is never too crusty, taking away its essence. Drop down to Koramangala and try their pizza today.

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