Best Moments – 2018 Reputation Tour of Taylor Swift

After releasing back-to-back hits through her sixth studio album Reputation in 2017, Taylor Swift went on to make her fifth concert tour. It was the Taylor Swift Reputation tour. The 53 concerts tour began on May 8, 2018, and went on till November 21, 2018. The concerts took place in various cities of the United States, England, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and finally ended in Japan.

Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour had supporting acts performed by Camila Cabello, Broods and Charli XCX. There were many exciting and awesome moments that are related to this amazing tour. Check out to know more about the best moments of Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour 2018.

Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour 2018 – Additional Tour dates

On popular demand from her fans, Taylor Swift generously added nine more dates to her Reputation tour that was spread across different venues. Three of the dates were fixed for UK and Ireland tour and a total of six dates were reserved for the United States tour. This amazing decision made Swifties love their idol- Taylor Swift even more.

Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour – Highest Grossing U.S. Tour by a Woman

According to Billboard Boxscore, Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour has surpassed her own record of The 1989 World Tour in 2015. The Reputation tour 2018 now stands as the highest-grossing U.S. tour by a woman with gross total earnings of $266.1 million. Over 2 million tickets were sold just in the U.S. During The 1989 World Tour, Taylor Swift made gross earnings of $181.5 million.

Celebrities had a blast at Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour

Not just fans, even many Hollywood celebrities attended Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour in different andhad a lovely time during the concert.

Celebs like Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Julia Roberts, Gigi Hadid, Adele, JK Rowling, Kobe Bryant, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Vanessa Bryant, Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa, Lena Dunham were among the once that attended the concert to have a blast. Many even brought their children with them to attend Taylor’s power-packed performance.

While some other celebs like Bryan Adams, Shawn Mendes, Robbie Williams, Niall Horan, Salena Gomez, Camila Cabello, Charli XCX sang and performed along with Taylor Swift, some for a longer period some others for short.

Record of First Woman to perform two gigs in Croke Street

In June 2018, Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour took place in Ireland’s Croke Park. Taylor Swift is among the four female performers who have performed at the Croke Park. But she also went on to make a record of being the only female artist to have performed for two nights at the venue.

During the weekend performance, Taylor Swift thanked the crowd and said, “I am honoured to join the list of only four female performers who have performed at Croke Park”.

Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour released on Netflix

Netflix on 31st December 2018 released a concert film named Taylor Swift Reputation stadium Tour. This features her happening musical performance in Dallas which Netflix made available to her fans everywhere.