Family-Friendly Destinations ─ Best Places for Expats to Raise Children

Moving abroad with children is a significant decision that comes with various considerations, including access to quality education, healthcare, safety, and a supportive community.

For expatriates seeking family-friendly destinations that cater to the well-being and development of their children, several countries stand out for their excellent amenities, educational opportunities, and family-centric environments.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to some of the best places for expats to raise children around the world.

Considerations for Selecting a Family-Oriented Destination



Access to quality education is a top priority for families relocating abroad. Countries with robust educational systems, international schools, bilingual programs, and a focus on academic excellence are often preferred by expatriates.


A reliable healthcare system with accessible medical facilities and services is crucial for families. Countries offering universal healthcare, pediatric care, and well-equipped hospitals cater to the health needs of children effectively.

Safety and Security

A safe environment with low crime rates, child-friendly neighborhoods, and a supportive community contributes significantly to a family’s peace of mind.

Recreation and Family Activities

Ample recreational facilities, parks, cultural events, and family-oriented activities enhance the quality of life for expat families, providing opportunities for children to socialize and engage in extracurricular pursuits.

Cost of Living

Affordability and a reasonable cost of living play a pivotal role in determining the feasibility of settling in a new country, especially for families.

Top Family-Friendly Destinations for Expats


1. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, encompassing vibrant cities like London, Edinburgh, and Manchester, is an enticing destination for expatriate families seeking a blend of rich cultural heritage and modern amenities. Renowned for its esteemed educational institutions, the UK offers a diverse range of schooling options, including public, private, and international schools, catering to various educational philosophies and curricula.

Expatriate families benefit from the National Health Service (NHS), providing comprehensive healthcare services, including specialized pediatric care and well-equipped hospitals across the country. The UK’s commitment to healthcare accessibility ensures that families have access to quality medical facilities, fostering peace of mind for parents.

Safety and security are paramount in the UK, with many neighborhoods offering family-friendly environments and low crime rates. The UK’s emphasis on child welfare and protection contributes to a secure and nurturing atmosphere for children to grow and thrive.

In addition to these factors, acquiring a British passport for children born to expatriate parents in the UK provides them with the opportunity for dual citizenship, enabling them to enjoy the benefits and privileges associated with holding a British passport. This includes visa-free travel to numerous countries, access to consular assistance when overseas, and the right to live and work in the UK.

Expatriates moving to the UK with children can explore a multitude of opportunities to ensure their families thrive in a welcoming and supportive environment, making the United Kingdom a favorable choice among family-friendly expat destinations.

2. Canada

Renowned for its high-quality education system, safety, and welcoming communities, Canada offers a family-friendly environment across cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary. Excellent healthcare, multiculturalism, and an abundance of outdoor activities make it an attractive destination for expat families.

3. Australia


With its diverse landscapes, thriving cities, and a strong emphasis on education, Australia offers a family-oriented lifestyle. Cities like Sydney and Melbourne boast excellent schools, healthcare, and family-friendly amenities, making it an ideal choice for expat families.

4. Singapore

Known for its world-class education, efficient healthcare system, and safety, Singapore stands out as a family-friendly destination. The city-state offers a vibrant blend of cultures, family-centric communities, and a plethora of recreational activities for children.

5. Switzerland

Renowned for its high standard of living, Switzerland offers a safe environment, top-tier education, and picturesque landscapes. Cities like Zurich and Geneva provide a family-friendly atmosphere with excellent healthcare and educational opportunities.

6. The Netherlands


The Netherlands, particularly cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht, offers a family-focused lifestyle with excellent education, healthcare, and a bike-friendly environment. The country’s emphasis on work-life balance and family-oriented policies attracts expat families.

7. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE offer a blend of modern amenities, multicultural communities, and high-quality education. Expatriates benefit from tax-free income and a range of family-friendly leisure activities.


Choosing the right destination for expat families involves a careful evaluation of various factors that contribute to a conducive environment for children’s upbringing. Each family’s priorities may differ, and it’s essential to research and assess the suitability of a destination based on individual preferences, cultural adaptability, and lifestyle requirements.

Finding a family-friendly destination that aligns with educational opportunities, healthcare access, safety, and overall quality of life contributes significantly to a fulfilling expatriate experience for parents and their children.