Best pubs in Bengalaru you must visit for an exciting time

The Silicon Valley is well known for its homegrown draught beers and some of the most amazing pubs in the country. The city has enjoyed a steady increase in tourism and along with its younger generation of professionals the pub scene in Bengaluru has thrived to its optimum limit. Here are some of the grooviest places you can have an awesome time with your friends and acquaintances over the best beers as well as some great food.

  • Sky Lounge – Giving you one of the best views of the city the bar as well as the dance floor is located on a rooftop with a swimming pool. With expert cocktail makers you can get your favorite drink and watch the sun set when the DJ starts belting out amazing tracks. It is a place filled with party animals and one might even catch a famous celebrity here. It has got a refined ambience, great food, addictive music as well as some fine entertainment.
  • Eclipse – A club filled with the best loud music, is known for playing the best songs out there. This is a place where you will find the most hip crowd who love this place because of the hardcore club vibes where people party often till the wee hours.
  • Pebble – If you love your psy-trance, dub-step and EDM music this is the place to be for an amazing night of dancing, drinking and eating. This place has a jungle them where the crowd is usually big due to the adequate space and mostly young who wouldn’t mind shaking a leg to the cool tunes of the DJ.
  • Ice by Vivanta Taj – If you are a bit choosy about your crowd this place is perfectly suitable where the entry is allowed as per a guest list prepared beforehand which actually minimizes the chances of having to face an unruly crowd. With having said that, the atmosphere is calming where you can sip your preferred drink nearby the poolside while the DJ spins some dreamy tunes for the crowd.
  • Toit – The list cannot be complete without mentioning this pub which is one of the best micro-breweries in the city. It boasts of a wide variety of brews along with some pizzas, nachos, calamari and scotch eggs for a happy tummy. The ambience is excellent which hosts a well behaved crowd irrespective of whether it is day or night.
  • Big Brewsky – A bright as well as a cozy atmosphere with a stream flowing inside the place, it is a nice place to have your beers on a date night with your special one. If you are not a fan of loud music or not that much into dancing the ambience here is perfect for a relaxing conversation sipping on some beers straight from their in-house brewery.

Loveshack – Being one of the older rooftop bars in the city the crowd is mostly a mix of veterans as well as younger party goers where the atmosphere is laid back here resemble Goan shacks. The feeling of the place depends on the events it holds from live performances, karaoke nights to partying affairs. The menu is extensive with continental cuisines along with delicious Italian food.

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