Blackjack vs. Baccarat: Which Game Offers the Better Odds?

From Vegas to Macau, Baccarat is the current game of choice for the high-rollers. A significant portion of baccarat players come from business backgrounds and a hard day at the office ensures that the punters are hungry for the best deals at the end of the day.

Blackjack, on the other hand, involves quite a lot of psychological tricks, which tend to reduce the simple pleasures of wagering for some. And although the topic is up for debate, Baccarat trumps Blackjack by a very slight margin when you consider the odds of winning.

One of the primary reasons behind baccarat’s increasing popularity is the lower house edge although there is a slew of other factors that enhance the equation. Let’s quickly analyze the primary reasons. But before we begin, if you’d like to try your hands at iGaming, check out Maneki Casino, the most popular casino online near you.

The Perks of Baccarat Over Blackjack


The outcomes of baccarat cannot be altered once the cards are dealt as per the drawing rules. This makes baccarat ideal for online betting since the future outcomes for both the Player and Banker are dictated only by the deck of cards. Baccarat involves a lot less pressure for each coup since there are only two possible decisions – the size of your bet and the side you’ll place your chips, i.e. Banker or Player.

When the round ends in a tie, your wager remains intact while the house edge on any tie bet is 14.4%. The payoff for a winning bet on the Player side is 1:1 while on the Banker side it’s 19:20, which includes a 5% house commission.

Blackjack is a minefield of emotional manipulation since the outcome of each hand depends on whether one or more players hits one or more cards until a hand goes bust or stays intact. However, the game has three safe zones apart from the desired outcome where you beat the dealer’s hand and these are.

  1. The dealer busts which calls for an even payoff
  2. Your car matches the dealer’s stand-off and your bet is returned
  3. Your hand makes up 21 in the first two cards, which counts as a natural and a win

The Cons of Baccarat Compared to Blackjack


While baccarat is like the ideal casino game there are a few notable downsides, starting with a complex scoring system. While the system doesn’t seem all that complicated on the surface, things turn rough when it comes to the third card. And while the strategies seem simple and boring compared to blackjack, the process is less involving.

The Pros of Blackjack Over Baccarat


Blackjack is the game of choice for online gamblers who like to use novel strategies. The game offers the ideal opportunity for innovation. And every in-game decision ultimately affects the house edge. Therefore, players need to know when to strike or back out. Luckily, blackjack strategies aren’t as complex as most people believe and you’ll find multiple tutorials online.

Playing blackjack requires instant decision-making abilities as your total score depends on how many choices you make per round. For instance, a regular blackjack player makes two to three decisions per game on average. Here are a few scenarios where instant decisions are crucial

  1. You’re deal a five and a three
  2. You hit and receive a second three
  3. The dealer’s upcard is a six
  4. You hit again and receive a six
  5. You decide to stand

Cons of Blackjack Compared to Baccarat


While blackjack enjoys steady popularity, it’s got a few downsides. For starters, you never know what to expect from the next table as the rules vary. Here are a few examples for reference.

  1. Some tables offer a 3:2 payout for a natural blackjack
  2. While a few others offer a 6:5 payout
  3.  Some games use a single deck
  4. While others can use between six and eight decks

It’s also crucial to bear in mind that there might be a few discrepancies in some other rules too. For instance, for doubling down, surrendering, and splitting hands. Considering the multiple variations in play, it’s easy for the amateurs to lose track and mess up the strategies.

Unlike baccarat, blackjack isn’t for the amateurs as you can’t simply jump into the game. Over time, you might lose interest in the game if you cannot scale-up your skills with time. Moreover, most amateur punters also have trouble getting used to the game’s format during the initial days, which makes blackjack one of the hardest casino games to master.

Summing it Up


The possibility of you winning or losing a hand at blackjack depends on every player seated at the table. Although the game’s primary objective is to beat the dealer, the actions of the other players will affect the result.

While all casino games are exciting when you stand to make money, blackjack and baccarat are among the most popular with the regulars. Blackjack can be frustrating since the odds of winning depend on the collective decision of every player seated at the table. Thus, making it extremely difficult to secure a one-up against the dealer every time.

However, there are different variations of Blackjack with individual odds and probabilities. The common factors include the number of cards remaining in the deck, the number of decks in use, the inability to double down on certain hands, keeping a close watch on the number of cards being shuffled, and more.

If you start weighing in the odds, the decision is personal. While certain people prefer the charm of complexities, most others will prefer simple rules. After all, casino gaming is meant to be entertaining at the end of the day. So, if you ask us, baccarat is the ideal stressbuster at the end of a busy day, while blackjack is the game for the enthusiastic evenings.

If you’d like to know more about each game, there are numerous tutorials online that can help you get started. However, you need to try your hands at both to arrive at a conclusion.