Bollywood office: See how nepotism in Bollywood goes beyond star kids

There is a reason as to why ‘nepotism’ irks certain actors in Bollywood. This is because of their self -position and the way of industry functioning which makes them feel uncomfortable.

All eyes are on Dhadak now to see whether the actors can set a fire at the box office or not. The movie ‘Dhadak features late actress Sridevi’s daughter, Jahnvi Kapoor and half-brother of Shahid Kapoor, Ishaan Khatter.

Kangana Ranaut, the actress spoke on nepotism last February on Karan Johar’s chat show and it lighted a nationwide debate. For the second time, Johar’s own romantic musical film, Dhadak which released on Friday has to undergo a nationwide debate.

Nobody could digest the fact spoken by Kangana Ranaut. She spoke her minds and proved that she is the person who can outspokenly express her opinion. She becomes a sign of arrogance and will have to face criticism for this. She might have a wide number of fans supporting her but the majority of the film stars will gang up to prove that Kangana Ranaut is wrong. This is why it becomes more necessary for the star kid to speak up and come out to support the people who are in no way connected with the film industry.

The recent comments on star kids are not at all encouraging or supportive one. But they cannot be blamed entirely. Many people believe that whatever happens to them happens because these are the things they are supposed to go through. Moreover, undoubtedly no one is denying the fact that star kids need to work hard in order to earn stardom.

Ishaan Khatter and Jahnvi Kapoor are featuring the Hindi remake of Marathi film, Sairat and it was no doubt a blockbuster film. 68 films released as rockets for star kids since 2000 and 46 films were bombed. So far, the biggest disaster has been suffered by director Rayeysh Omprakash Mehra for the film Mirzya which has been released on the year 2016. This film has lost nearly Rs. 56 crores. Then what Bollywood explains with launching star kids? The only thing with launching star kids is that they become famous before they are known. Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt says the newcomers make the film more marketable.

Without any doubt, launching a star kid will reduce the necessity of spending money on marketing. This is not enough, the star kid in the past have proved that a movie which is easily available will never translate you into a successful career. Actor Varun Dhawan has proved that delivering consistently will make people forget the place from where you came. Launching star kid can get an extra chance but ultimately it gets boiled when it comes to time and money of the public.