Using a Branded 10×10 Canopy Tent in the Trade Shows 

When it comes to trade shows, you often find they are held in large indoor or outdoor spaces open to the public. In order to promote your business products and services at the event, using a custom canopy tent is the perfect option as it invokes attraction and brand visibility at the same time. These tents give you the scope to be creative with different color schemes and banners. They are comfortable for your visitors, and they are versatile enough to cover all your guests and products, especially if the trade fair is held outdoors and you are concerned about the weather elements.

Promote your business to the targeted audience successfully


The use of custom canopy tents is an excellent marketing strategy that helps you to promote your business brand to the targeted audience. You can choose from a wide range of canopy tent options like a pole, dome, instant pop-up tents, and other variants.

A custom tent helps you to promote your business prominently as it stands out from the crowd for its unique shape and design. At a trade fair, you must ensure your brand is visible to your targeted audience. The tent should be designed professionally with your business name and logo clearly visible. These ones are available in several colors like black, gray, and white, so you can choose the color scheme that works for your business products or services the best.

Designing the canopy tent for a trade show or fair


Trade shows are typically big in size and a place where businesses flock to bring their brands to the limelight. When designing the booth in a canopy tent, the first option to consider is a canopy tent, as it helps your brand and business stand out among the competitors. So, if you are not too keen to get gobbled up by the steam of the crowd in the trade show, devising unique strategies can help. You can get a high-quality and durable 10×10 canopy tent for trade fairs from Explore your options here.

Using a branded tent


You might wonder about the reasons to go for branded tents within trade shows, and one of the most obvious reasons is to make you stand out among the competitors. With the global pandemic taking over the world, the business using canopies must also consider the COVID safety regulations. Follow the tips mentioned below to make the venue of your trade show safer if you are to work with 10×10 canopy tents.

  • Try to disinfect every seat in your tent once it becomes free.
  • You must also disinfect the table.
  • The size needs to be small with lower seating capacity, but with 10×10 canopy tents, the good idea is to impose the rules of social distancing.
  • If you are planning to arrange for food and beverages in the tent, try to include self-help to reduce the contact between the attendees and the people serving food and beverages.

Once you are through with the security aspects of the tent, it is your turn to make them look unique. With free giveaways and content, you can attract people to attend the trade show. Here is how you can popularize a branded tent in a trade show.

  • Giving office supplies

If the only thing that comes to your mind when you hear about office supplies are pens and pencils, you need to change your thoughts and consider other options for giveaways. For instance, you can offer water bottles, staplers, sticky notes, coffee mugs, and mouse pads and wait for the response of the audience.

  • Bags

If you have invested in giveaways n the past and still have surplus materials from the tradeshow held in the past, using them for the latest event is a good choice to make. For instance, if you have a good collection of bags, you can attract students and commuters, especially if they are drawstring bags.

Variance in budgets


Your budget for giveaways in the booth may be low at specific periods and high at other times. Therefore, you need to decide on the giveaways based on your budget. No matter what, you choose the prospect of giveaways. Remember that the prospect of giveaways is not only to attract people to your branded tent but to create a lot of fun and excitement.

The tradeshows usually have custom 10×10 canopy tents that are affordable, easy to use, and lightweight. If you invest in a branded tent, it becomes easy to connect with customers and allows your brand to stand out in the event.

Simple for you to set up and transport


If you regularly participate in trade shows and fairs, investing in canopy tents is a smart choice. They are simple for you to carry and install. If you have a shelter that becomes too complex to travel with, you surely will not want to use it at the next trade show or fair. This reluctance might have a deep impact on your business.

Another incredible advantage of canopy tents is they are durable. They are made of either aluminum or steel. These materials are strong, and you do not have to worry about rain and other harsh weather elements like the sun or wind. These tents are water repellent, have UV coatings, and enable you to present your business at any event, irrespective of the weather conditions.

Besides trade shows and fairs, custom canopy tents can be used for other events as well. You can put them up at street festivals, sporting events, a farmer’s market, a concert, in-store promotional events, and more. These tents can be customized as per your business goals. Their versatility makes them a significant investment for your company. Every business owner can effectively promote their brand visibility with this tent or even sell products from their advertising booth without hassles at all. You can choose the right color and customization to invoke high traffic at trade shows and fairs. This tent not only attracts customers but it helps you to increase your returns on investment and profits in the long run as well.

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