6 Reasons Why Many Brands Prefer Instagram Over Other Social Media

Nowadays, everyone wants to grow their business, and social media is the best way to do marketing of your products and services. According to recent studies, it is found that many brands are preferring Instagram more as compared to other platforms. There must be something unique about this social media platform. Well, you are guessing it right. There are significant benefits of using this social media platform that a few people know.

In the following write-up, we will discuss some reasons that will let you know why brand owners prefer Instagram more than others. According to easygetinsta.com, many business owners are getting more followers and likes on their posts to get the audience’s attention. You might be wondering why they are doing such a thing and what will happen if they do so. Well, you will get answers to all your queries when you go through this article thoroughly.

1. Access More Mobile Users

Source: businessinsider.com

Nowadays, every person owns a mobile, and most smartphone users use social media sites to explore, educate, or pass the time. Many of them are commonly active on Instagram. Therefore, you can expect that you can reach most of the audience through this platform. According to the research, most of the web traffic comes from Instagram compared to other social apps.

With time, people are educating themselves and post relevant information for their audience. If you target this application, you will target most of the internet users to consider your brand. Therefore, every company has a business profile, and people review all the products and services. When it comes to engaging with your customers, then you must prefer this platform.

2. An easy way for the Audience to Reach Your Brand

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There are billions of Instagram users, and it is easy to target them if you have an online presence on this app. Initially, it can be quite challenging to recognize your brand, but you will be connected with your audience once everything gets settled. There is a huge competition among various platforms, but no one can defeat this one. Instagram will take very little time to connect your brand with the targeted audience.

3. Best Platform for Posting Visual Content

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Everyone prefers to watch the visual content to understand better and get enough knowledge about anything. No one wants to read many lines to understand the things posted on any site. It is possible to post any visual content on Instagram. It helps in building trust among the people.

In this way, they will believe more in your brand and determine the products and services you are selling. Whatever video you post, it will remain in the feed forever. It is possible to watch all your posts whenever you want. Compared with other social media platforms, it is quite hard to post all types of visual content. The uploading and buffering time of the videos on Instagram are also less.

4. Advertising Through Instagram Stories

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There is an interesting feature on Instagram is the stories. Any business owner can run various advertisements on stories. People love to swipe the stories and check what is happening in different profiles. It is possible to post sponsored advertisements that will appear on the feed on the targeted audience.

There is an option of tagging, locations, hashtags, etc., to run various ads in a single post or story. In this way, you can tell the audience what products and services you are offering. If users find it interesting, they will ping you for more information or checking out your profile. This feature is also available on Facebook, but it is not that effective as Instagram.

5. Increase the Rate of Engagement

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According to the survey, it is found that Instagram is one of the effective social media platforms with a high rate of engagement. Most active users check out the profiles of influencers who post ads or other visual content about various brands.

Connecting with influencers will increase the rate of engagement and allow more customers to connect with your brand. It is important to bring people to your profile to review the things you are offering. If the influencer’s engagement rate is high, you can easily determine that you are following a genuine influencer.

6. Increase the Conversion Rates

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Every business owner wants to increase the conversion rate to improve the production and sales of the company. The rate of boosting the conversion rate is high on Instagram. When people get active on this platform and check your profile, most of them reach your official website and initiate selling offered products and services. The visitor is now changed to a customer, and this is how it works.

It is important to engage customers with your brand to collect all the relevant information about your company. The aim is not about reaching your brand but also allows your customers to buy any product. But this social media platform is effective enough to take your clients to your official website. It is necessary to take care of the conversion rate when introducing your company to various people across the globe.

The Bottom Line

Many people are switching to Instagram to promote their business effectively. This platform offers amazing features that allow you to reach your customers and introduce all the products and services you offer them. In the beginning, it will be difficult to manage all the things, but once you know everything, you will be able to promote your brand at a higher level.

You must go through all the above-listed reasons that will let you know why people are switching from other social media platforms to this one. It is necessary to pick the right platform for advertisements and promoting your company. If you are not using Instagram for marketing, then it is better to look for its advantages and start using it. You may get enough customers to easily sell your products and services and gain huge profits from them.