Business internships in Asia

When it comes to international internships, these days, Asia is a popular destination that people choose. Internships in this region run in a wide range of places in Oceania, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and East Asia. Whether you are interning in a tourism company in Fiji, interning with a startup in China, or getting some teaching experience in Japan, there are various things that you can choose from in this region.

By opting for an international internship you will do wonders for your future career. First, you will get a chance to international experience in a field of your choosing, second, you will get to access and know the global network of employers, and third, you will get the chance to travel, as well as live abroad for a longer period of time.

Popular destinations for internships include South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, China, Singapore, and Thailand. In these extremely diverse regions, interns can work in international finance, marketing, environmental studies, tourism, education, and healthcare. Here are the top 5 destinations for internships in Asia:

Business internships in Asia

1. Japan

You could opt for an internship program in the wonderful Land of the Rising Sun and understand why Japan is the number one world economy today. Learn and experience the complex Japanese work culture and protocol, so you will not forget to bow or hand your boss your business card with one hand. You could get placements in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hokkaido, or Okinawa while in Japan. Some of the popular internships include ones in business development, information technology, engineering, and hospitality and tourism.

2. Thailand

If you are still searching for internships abroad, you could try Thailand. Intern in the crazy and busy capital Bangkok, the calmer Chiang Mai, or even the glorious island of Phuket. You can easily combine your work with pleasure in this Southeast Asian country where there is plenty of things to keep you busy once you finish your work. Explore the wonderful streets, enjoy wonderful street food, find your inner self in Buddhist temples, or simply chill on the island’s sandy beaches. Some of the popular internships include ones in hospitality and tourism, medicine, education, and environmental studies.

3. South Korea

South Korea is perfect for finding paid internships programs in Asia. You will be able to experience a blend of new and old, so there is something for everyone to enjoy, whether it is taekwondo or Kpop. Soak up the corporate culture in this city that never falls asleep, Seoul, or simply sunbathe in the beach town Busan. Some of the popular internships include ones in international business, marketing, education, IT, tourism, and hospitality.

4. Singapore

You might think that this is not the case, however, Singapore has become one of the most desired locations for internships, even paid internships can be found here! Not only is it a global leader in banking, but it is a multicultural mecca as well. Learn Tamil, Malay, or Mandarin in the office and enjoy city streets that blend tastes from Chinese, Indian, and Western cuisines. Some of the popular internships include ones in finance, business, marketing, social work, and international relations.

Business internships in Asia
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5. Malaysia

If you are looking for internships in Southeast Asia, you will not have to look further than Malaysia! Although it is right next to Singapore, this nation is just impressive. It is a culturally diverse country, with significant Chinese, Malay, and Indian populations. The most popular cities for interning in Malaysia are Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, and Penang. Some of the popular internships include ones in international business, ecotourism, and IT. Also, if you have constant dreams about the sky and aviation, Air Asia offers a perfect internship program.


These were the top 5 destinations to intern at and if you want to read more about the programs or the countries, check out this website for more information.