5 Smart Ways a Business can Optimize its Online Presence

In the contemporary world of technology, communication, and information, a business cannot get on its feet and obtain a customer base if it does not have a strong presence on the internet. The online world is now equally important as the real physical world around us, maybe even more for some aspects. This is exactly why you need an optimal presence on the web if you wish to be successful.

Although it may seem easy and straightforward, establishing a worthwhile virtual fan base is hard work if not done the right way. That is why we decided to tell you about the smartest ways you can optimize the online presence of your company. Make sure to carefully navigate through the article and check here for more information.

1. Combining Professional and Personal Accounts

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As a modern individual, you probably already have accounts on all the popular social media platforms. You use it to stay in touch with family and friends, to read news and find out things relating to your hobbies and interests. As such, these platforms must have a few hundred friends and/or followers, depending on the website. For example, an average user has 500 or so friends on Facebook, and around 500 more followers on Instagram. Add Twitter to the list with around the same amount on average and you have quite an extensive starting point to advertise your business. If you can, you can even devote some time to YouTube videos and try to reach other demographics. Why then separate your business and try to establish a new following? Combined accounts are still rare, but those who use them well experience much more traffic than those who have separate private and business accounts. You can share your website, products, and services to people who know you, who will, in turn, share them further and extend your reach. The world has almost 3 billion social media users. Use these free platforms in a smart way and you will have much more work in the future.

2. Mobile-Friendly Websites

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As of the year 2024, there have been nearly 3 billion smartphone users worldwide. This means that almost half of the modern world from the leading countries use their devices to navigate the web through apps, but also websites. In order for the mobile to open a website and offer the best user experience, the website itself has to be optimized and developed for specific mobile use. Desktop varieties are great, but only for computers and desktops. If your company’s online page does not automatically switch to a mobile version when somebody opens it on a smartphone or tablet, the user will be disappointed since we are all largely used to them by now. Therefore, invest in a mobile version of your already existing website and you will gain many more hits on average. Most of all you will get visits thanks to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because the algorithms take into account mobile-friendliness and rank those pages higher.

3. User Experience is Key

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If you do not think about the users and customers in business, you will not enjoy growth or it will be extremely slow. The word of mouth is a powerful thing but it can only happen if the customers have something to talk about. And you will want them to talk positively. So then, what is the main thing people talk about when websites are concerned? The user experience of course, and it comes in many different ways. First of all, the home page has to be both simple enough to directly convey the message you want to send and engaging enough to make the visitor come back eventually. Overly complicated websites are not only heavy on the infrastructure like the software behind it and the servers, but they are not necessary. Seamless transitions and quick opening and refreshing times are much more important to an average user. In addition, you need all the correct and right information about what it is you are selling or offering. Your addresses, emails, social media pages, and phone numbers have to be clear, and the payment options have to be well integrated. All this comes together into a user-friendly website that offers the ultimate experience. If you go out of your way a little bit to make sure everything works well and test it with the people close to you, the feedback will probably be positive and the website will be ready for launch.

4. Blogs are Still Popular

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Even though people read less and less nowadays, online blogs are still quite prominent. Millions of readers enjoy going online and getting their content in text form. To reap these benefits, you can introduce a blog page as a part of your website. Devote one of the menu sections to a blog where you will post weekly topics about things in the industry, changes you make, information about your company, and anything that can serve as an engaging and interesting topic. The users will appreciate it, and even though not all of them will read it, some will and they will learn more about your business and products. A blog will let your customers know that you are passionate about the business enough to share additional data on it. This will make them check your whole website out more carefully.

5. Connect Everything and Share

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Last but not least, it is of the utmost importance to share all of your platforms among them. Share your Instagram and Twitter profiles on Facebook, devote a small part of your website to the links on all three, and use your Instagram stories to link your website and Facebook page. Lastly, update your Twitter followers with frequent changes and news. Around 15 minutes per day is more than enough to share and post everything, which will generate more and more visits to the website where you do most of your business. The more people hear about you, the better the chance of a potential new customer. Devotion and perseverance are crucial for an optimal online presence, so work hard and do not give up!