Why You Cannot Overlook Content Marketing in CBD Ecommerce

Let’s face, if you are like any other CBD business owner that knows something about marketing in the digital era, you have probably heard that content is king. However, what most CBD business owners either do not know or ignore is that creating regular content can truly benefit your content marketing efforts. You will hear … Read more

Useful Email Marketing Tips for Startups

There are numerous mediums available for marketing. You can exploit any of them without a second thought unless you are a startup owner. The reason being, budgets of startups could be minimal and might not cope with the expenses of major marketing channels. However, email marketing, being cheap and convenient, can prove to be a … Read more

The Hemp Industry in Ireland 2019

For the longest time, Ireland has been a prime location for growing the best hemp in Europe. In fact, this year alone has seen an increase of up to 200% in cultivation as more farmers submit applications to get licensed to grow them. According to research, there are slightly over 1000 approved farmers who currently … Read more