US-Based Companies like Johnson & Johnson and AT&T Halt YouTube Ad Spending

Johnson & Johnson and AT&T are some of the biggest advertisers in the US and they were among many companies who said on Wednesday that they would be stopping their ads on YouTube and other properties of Google because Google is not vigilant enough to be able to prevent the brands from appearing near material that is offensive (like hate speech).

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Black Friday 2017 Dates

This year, the Black Friday 2017 would be falling on November 24th. The most exclusive of retailers would be opening up their before midnight itself and will be providing the customers with mind boggling prices on their favorite products. From Amazon to Best Buy, every giant retailer will be offering totally unbelievable deals and would … Read more

AP Farmers Will Be Generating Power with Solar Farming Scheme

The farmers in AP will very soon be producing electricity apart from their usual job of growing crops. The SED (State Energy Department) is now set to be launching a scheme known as Solar Farming. It is actually the first time that such a scheme is coming to India. Under this scheme, the existing pump sets will be getting replaced with highly energy efficient solar pump sets, which will be enabling the generation of power. After making use of the power that is needed for drawing water to the field, the farmers can start pumping the remaining energy to the grid and by doing so, they can earn an additional income.

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