Online Casinos – Can You Actually Win?

As early as the mid-17th century, the first casino was established. In Venice for the state to have control over gambling during the carnival. After that, it spread all over Europe, Asia and America. Under different names but with the same role. During the 20th century, gambling paradises that exist to this day began to be found in the world. Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau are the most popular gambling and entertainment destinations.

But with the massive proliferation of internet use, new types of casinos emerged – online.  But as with all new things, people tend to be leery. We are here to dispel your doubts and even show that online casinos are often the best choice.

Online casinos are made in that way you can easily navigate across the site. Literally, in a few clicks, you already have a ticket that the system has created and saved for payment. It is up to you to check whether you have played what you wanted and if any odds have not changed.  The offer on betting sites is updated daily. Within the entire offer on the site, you have everything you would find in the lists and even more because the entire range of games is not always printed.

And of late, besides sports betting, you have all the other casino games available.

Anytime, Anywhere

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Certainly the biggest advantage of online casinos. Online bookmakers are available to you from anywhere you have Internet access. You can bet or gamble 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. All of this saves you valuable time, and time is money today. Most online casinos also have smartphone apps which makes it even easier for you to have constant access.


No one has to know all your bets and amounts. Only you know them, and only you have access to your betting account on your chosen online casino. You make all payments from the comfort of your home.

Higher odds

The odds in online casinos are on average 10% higher than local bookmakers. The reason is that because of the cost (renting space, employees, etc.), local bookmakers are purposefully reducing the odds on offer in order to secure greater profits for themselves. Online bookmakers cost significantly less because online betting costs less – which automatically means higher odds. For you, in particular, for the same amount of money invested, a potentially higher profit. See for yourself at c9bets.

Without manipulative cost

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The costs that local casinos charge are often up to 5% of your stake, for example. The average payment of 10 euros per ticket is certainly not a small amount of money you lose on a yearly basis. Online betting does not have any manipulation costs in ticket payments nor in online gambling.

No conditions!

There is no requirement for online bookmakers as in local casinos. You can play one (any pair) in a single or combine several different sports, without rules on the required minimum number of pairs on the ticket, regardless of the sport. The same goes for the minimal stake in other gambling games

Bigger offer

A casino near your house is likely to have a limited number of leagues, a limited number of sports on offer, with varying rules for pairing and a minimum number of matches on the ticket, ‘which sometimes complicates your original bet plan. With online casino you have a huge number of sports and leagues on offer, with no conditions for a minimum number of games played, this gives you a huge bet advantage. It is also very unlikely that you will find as many different card games, roulette and everything else as you can in this way.

Live betting

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Online bookmakers offer you a huge range of live betting on all types of sports, with the ability to track live streams and constant change of odds. Never miss anything!

Your gambling history

The only way we can have a real insight into gambling and avoid problems related to gambling. You can view all the tickets and games you have played on your account at any time from the first moment you opened it. This gives you an insight into the real state of your success and your finances.


Security is a very common dilemma for new users. The site we have mentioned in this article belong to the most famous and proven casino owners, exists on the world stock exchanges, and is subject to rigorous controls. Millions of players across Europe and the rest of the world are registered users. The chance that your money will fail with them and they will not have the payment assets, unlike local casinos where you often have to wait for your money to be paid.

Bonuses and promotions

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The practice that most online casinos nurture – in the form of various gifts, lucky lottery tickets, and usually up to 100% first deposit bonuses for new players. All of these benefits are making a big difference for you, so don’t hesitate and sign up.

Fantasy sports betting

Fantasy sports betting is a type of betting where you choose your ideal team made up of current players. The number of team points depends on the game of your chosen ones in real-time. You win rewards for the success of your team over others. As fantasy as a game has become so popular that players themselves play it and talk about it at press conferences, so this type of betting becomes more and more popular.

And now the question that interests you the most…

Can I Make Money?

The answer is – yes. You need to be very knowledgeable about the sport you are betting on or the casino game you play, understand the betting strategies – then success is guaranteed. Success will not come overnight. You also need to invest effort and time and master skills, but it will surely pay off. Many people make a living from gambling. Why not be one of them and combine fun and profit?

Now that you know all this, don’t wait for anything but create your account and the fun can begin!