Celebrate the World Sleep Day on 15th March!

Sleeping has become the most neglected part of our daily routine. Everyone thinks of daily tasks they have to perform but rarely know how much sleep is important for healthy functioning of our body. Sleep deprivation has become a major reason for various health problems.

World Sleep Day

Keeping the importance of sound sleep in mind, World Sleep Day is organized annually by the World Sleep Society since 2008. It is observed on the Friday before the equinox of March. This year the World Sleeping Day falls on 15th March and its slogan says, ‘Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging’.

Do you have inadequate Sleep time?

World Sleep Day is a global call to make people aware of the importance of healthy sleep. For adults, a sleep of 7 to 8 hours is necessary for the healthy functioning of the body. Ask yourselves, do you really sleep for an appropriate time?

Some people are not able to take out time from their busy schedule for sleeping while others keep themselves busy with their mobile phones or televisions rather than sleeping. Electronic gadgets will never let you sleep, mind that! What is the use of working and earning if you have to spend this money on problems due to sleep deprivation?              

Problems due to Sleep Deprivation

Girls, are you worried about your aging skin? Sleep! Yes, adequate sleep doesn’t let your skin age. Healthy sleep also reduces the chances of obesity and hypertension. Realize the importance of sleeping. Everyone is busy today but do you feel it is right to compromise with your health for that?

Think before you start doing anything at bedtime. This World Sleep Day aware people about the causes of sleep deprivation and its effects.

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