Adorn Your Home With Chandeliers – Chandelier Styles For Every Room

Many homeowners underrate the importance of lighting. However, lighting is a crucial interior element that dictates the overall vibe of any room. The role of lighting isn’t only about making a room appear brighter. Good lighting transforms an uninviting home into a welcoming one. Well-planned lighting enhances your home space and creates a cozy ambiance.

Regardless of the room type and décor, chandeliers serve as the perfect answer to your lighting needs. They aren’t any more reserved only for the formal rooms. The older chandelier models were about luxury and were used only in traditional rooms that required dramatic light. Currently, they are available in a plethora of styles and can be installed in any room.

Lighting needs of every room

  • Living room: We indulge in many activities in the living room including reading, conversations, using a laptop, etc, and hence layered lighting is required to carry out the daily tasks. Add focus lighting to highlight artwork and chandeliers for the overall character.
  • Bedroom: The bedroom is a space to relax and requires subtle, soothing lighting which helps to ease us to sleep. Chandeliers with shades and equipped with dimmers would be an apt fit to create a soft glow.
  • Kitchen: Kitchen needs maximum illumination. In addition to chandeliers include focused task lighting above work areas.
  • Bathrooms: Bathrooms require a fair amount of illumination to avoid slips and falls. A flush-mount chandelier with a dimmer works for a quick shower as well as a leisurely one.

The sole purpose of lighting is to indulge in all activities comfortably without straining our eyes. Some activities like meditation require a dimly lit room while some like sewing require task lighting. Chandeliers help you achieve both without occupying any floor space. If you are looking for unique, eye-catching chandeliers to adorn your home visit

They are the go-to choice for best-quality chandeliers at affordable prices. They feature a wide variety of unique designs in addition to offer customizations. Check out the different styles before going ahead with the purchase.

Chandelier styles


Different shapes

  • Ring-shaped: The metal ring structure looks sleek and inviting when viewed from any angle. The inner part of the fixture is lined with lights giving it a tint of elegance without being flashy.
  • Square-shaped: Modern square chandeliers are made from four aluminum channels and hang from thin cables. It is both decorative, functional and doesn’t overpower another home décor.
  • Rectangular: This rectangular-shaped fixture goes well with contemporary spaces. It is bold and striking in its own way. The ones with matte interiors are ideal for both residential and commercial settings.
  • Oval: The distinctive oval shape is an alternative to traditional shapes and fits well in a minimalistic home style.
  • Cubist: Its distinctive feature is the abstract frame. The cube frame encompasses a light bulb.
  • Four-ring: This one is a dramatic twist to the single-ring chandelier. Rings of descending diameter are arranged in multiple tiers or artfully combined to result in interesting patterns. When the rings are spread out, you get access to more subtle and uniform lighting.
  •  Crystal: Crystal ones are the most luscious of the lot. Sparkling crystals adorn the fixture giving the fixture a luxurious vibe. They appear breath-taking when even turned off. The intricate glass elements used to reflect light beautifully across the room. They are available in different shapes including circular, square, rectangle, etc.
  • Modern linear suspension: Linear suspension ones are long in length, have a linear shape, and are suspended from a ceiling. They are ideal for long spaces like office meeting halls or formal dining rooms with a long table and deliver uniform lighting throughout the room sans dark spots.
  • Flush-mount: It is ideal for a room with low ceilings and tight areas since the fixture sits directly on the ceiling, occupies less space, and delivers uniform lighting throughout the room rather than focusing light towards the center.
  • Semi flush-mount: A small gap lies between the fixture and ceiling in semi flush-mount models. The resulting illumination intensity is better when compared to that of flush-mount.
  • Raindrop: The raindrop chandelier is guaranteed to be an instant hit among guests. The mysterious nature of it makes it a conversation starter. Install it on your entryway or stairway to get an idea about what the fuss is about.
  • Bubbles: A handful of glass globes are clubbed together tightly into a bubble arrangement with the light element at the bubble’s core. The resulting light is a playful glow reflected from the layers of globes.
  • Bowl: The dome-shaped design is low-key when compared to traditional chandelier styles. They aren’t too fancy yet are elegant and refract light through the crystals/ shade/ hand-blown glass.
  • Stairways glass: This exotic piece is made of a shimmering crystal sphere and looks dominating when hung from a super-high ceiling. The stainless steel base adds up to the chic image.
  • Double spherical: Spirals are an alternative to stairway glass are look every bit sophisticated. They instill the ‘wow’ factor when installed on rooms with high ceilings.
  • Sputnik: Inspired by the Sputnik satellite, there is a central orb from which multiple frames branch out the ends of which are equipped with crystals. You can also opt for colorful ones in your mid-century modern home.
  • Glacier: Several panes of translucent water-glass encompass the light source. The striking design takes the appearance of a glacier. The soft glow is a result of the layered arrangement of the panes.

After selecting the lighting fixture, choose the colors of the lighting according to the mood of the room. When it comes to colors, we are equally spoilt for choices. The right color scheme will help you achieve the vibe you aim for. Chandeliers are available in different finishes. Choose a finish that matches your room’s color scheme.

Figure out the right chandelier size for your room needs. All these elements combined together create a well-lit space in your home. Home is a place to distress yourself. Plan lighting effectively in a way it keeps your family members feeling relaxed. Don’t shy away from adding a bit of drama using chandeliers.