What Are Some Methods To Change Your GPS Location On iPhone?

There are many reasons to use an option to change your GPS location on the iPhone. For example, you can use a virtual location to play Pokémon Go while you are at home, which is a great advantage, especially during 2022, when many people had to stay at home because of the lockdown and coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, it represents a great sort of entertainment, and you could share some interesting posts and change your location to seem like you are in some other part of the world. However, some additional solutions like changing the location, using VPN, downloading free content, and many other things are a bit more complicated on iOS devices than Android ones, but there is a possibility to use this option on your iPhone as well.

Also, you have to be aware that some apps might act differently when you choose to change your GPS location like weather apps, apps that track your movement, delivery apps, and more. On the other side, you can have great advantages to this solution if you learn to use it properly. Here are the main methods for changing the GPS location on your iPhone.

Are There Any Risks From Changing The GPS Location?

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As we already said, fake GPS can negatively affect some apps on your phone, and other features like measurement systems, and more. Here are the main issues with the fake location feature:

  • First of all, you should know that some of these apps that could change your location could affect the performances of your phone and some apps as well.
  • When it comes to measurement units, they could also have issues with the proper working, and your phone could be less secure for cyber-attacks and websites with malware.
  • Moreover, you might have problems with the standard GPS app, which means that you will have to delete the fake option if you want to continue using the official GPS. Besides that, pay attention to whether some of these apps are banned from your country because you might get in trouble with officials.

Fake iOS Location With a Location System

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If you are interested in changing the location of your GPS, the best way is to use Dr. Fone Virtual Location app for the iOS operating system. This app can help you to simulate various locations all over the world. Here are the main methods to use this feature.

Teleport Anyplace

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You will have to install this program on your computer and open the Virtual Location chart. After that, you must connect your smartphone with this app and click the Start button. Also, you will get a separate window where you can see your real location and an additional Center On option that can help you to find it. Furthermore, you can use this app through several windows and as a teleport simulation, which you can use to fake your GPS on any other spot. The system is quite convenient and simple.

Spoof iPhone Location With An App

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On the other hand, if you want to use this option only to be able to check in to some other place, which is very popular on social media, you can use some VPN system. There are numerous types of VPN apps available, and the installation process is simple, along with the use of this feature. After you download an app, you will only have to launch it and turn it on. With this smartphone app, you can easily set your location wherever you want.

iOS GPS By Faux Employing a Trojan Horse

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If you don’t prefer any of the previous options, you could provide your smartphone with the ability to project a simulation of a fake location, by using a malware program, the Trojan horse with the name Xcode. You will need to search for a Dummy App, and install it on your computer where you have to launch it. Your PC and iPhone are connected through the App store, where you can connect the Xcode on both devices. Besides this program, there might be a lot of similar ones. However, you should be aware that the Trojan horse is a virus that could harm both your computer and smartphone, steal your data, or cause issues with both software and hardware.

When it comes to Xcode, that app is not harmful. Also, there are some interesting facts related to this program, such as a pop-up that you will see every time you open it. Moreover, you will have to create a scum bag configuration and register to the system. That part is necessary for a connection between Macintosh and iPhone. While it might seem like a much more complicated version of GPS simulation, it provides users with a wider range of possibilities than any other similar app.

Fake iOS GPS By Jailbreaking Your iOS

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Among many ways to use this feature, the technique of jailbreaking on your iOS system is also a great option. By using this method, you can alter different features on your iPhone, as well as your GPS location. However, you should know that this feature is not available on every version of the iOS operating system. Therefore, check whether your current version is compatible with a jailbreaking feature. The process of installation is very simple, and you will have to download and install the app. After you open it, you will see a chart where you can choose which part of the system you want to alter. When it comes to location, it requires tapping on it and placing a red dot on any place where you want your fake location to be shown. The benefit of this program is that it will show a fake location only while the app is running, which means that you won’t have any issues when you want to use your phone in an ordinary way.

The Bottom Line

The main advantage of this feature is that you can play Pokémon Go while paying in your bed. This popular smartphone video game has a lot of struggles during 2022, mostly because people from the whole world are facing various measures for prevention of the coronavirus pandemic, which means that a big part of them is still unable to travel around, and some of them are even forbidden to leave their homes. The developers of this game have introduced some updates that give you an ability to play it effectively in smaller are.

However, you still cannot be as successful as when you can travel all around trying to collect as many virtual characters as you can. Therefore, the simulation of GPS is the best way to continue to successfully play this game like in the last few years. Besides the ability to play Pokémon Go, many people find feature attractive because they could share content on social media, and make it seem like they are visiting various places. It is a great way to trick someone to think about how you moved somewhere else.

Moreover, there are countries which are known for banning some content, and people can use VPN and fake location to play some banned games, visit websites, or share any content without risks. All of these methods can provide you with the ability to fake your location, and you should choose one by your preferences. When it comes to complexity, finding and installing similar apps on iPhone is more complicated than with Android devices. However, the iOS operating system offers improved stability and safety.