7 Cheap Upgrades That Could Increase Your Home’s Value – 2023 Guide

Selling a house is a very big step. It is a stressful process and usually takes a lot of time. Whatever the reasons for your decision to sell it, you definitely want to get as much money as possible. You may want to buy a bigger house or move to a better neighborhood, or you may be moving out of the state. In any case, you do not want to get less money than you paid when you bought it or how much you subsequently invested.

And you would be surprised how easy it is to further increase the market value of the house. Before the coronavirus pandemic, real estate prices had risen significantly, and this led many people to research the sale of their property, in order to seize the opportunity. Now the price is falling, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a top dollar. In order to maximize the value of your house, it is necessary to do only a few cheap upgrades that will surely increase the value of the house for much more money than what you have invested in those upgrades. So read our guide and earn money.

1. Paint the house

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That is a very simple and easy way to increase the value and make space incomparably more beautiful, whether you live in it or prepare for the sale. It is best to paint both the interior and the facade. The house will look like it has just been built. Don’t make a mistake and paint in some unusual colors or too bright. The point is that everything looks new and clean, but also neutral so that a potential buyer can imagine themselves in that space. Real estate agents have noticed that objects painted in neutral colors have reached a significantly higher price. So stick to white, beige, terracotta, and the like.

2. Clean thoroughly

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Everything should be as clean and tidy as possible. This requires deep cleaning, especially after painting, which will leave chaos behind. You can do it yourself, but you better call the professionals and leave the task to them. First of all, because you probably don’t have the right equipment for something like that. If you decide to do it yourself, pay attention to each part. The first vacuum, wipe everything, clean the woodwork with special chemicals, clean cabinets, chests of drawers, air conditioning, and everything else. Don’t forget carpets and curtains too. If you have a basement and attic, clean them thoroughly, and throw away all unnecessary things. It is best to leave them as empty as possible because then the customer will be able to gain a real insight into the size.

3. Repair and upgrade garage doors

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A garage is often a deciding factor when selling a home. People value their cars very much, especially if they are new and want to have the best possible garage. It is necessary to clean and repair all potential problems as well as possible. One of the main ones is the garage door. After many years of use and different weather conditions, it is very possible that they do not work properly. According to garage door repair specialists from suburbangaragedoorservice.com, the most common problems are with broken springs, faulty remote controls, and faulty cables. Call professionals and solve this problem, because it is very important. If by chance you don’t have an automated garage door yet, now is the right time to install it.

4. Fix parquet flooring

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If you have wood flooring, it is a very good feature and raises the value. It is a very high-quality flooring and gives a high-end look. If you already have that, then make the most of that advantage. As wooden floors are more easily damaged than, for example, laminate flooring, it is necessary to repair them and restore them to their old shine. There are different processes for renovating parquet flooring and most can be done by yourself. Don’t forget to do it, because you will increase the price of the DIY project.

An epoxy concrete resurfacer is more than just a coating you pour over your floor. It’s the perfect solution for residential, commercial, industrial, and retail concrete floors. Besides transforming your concrete floor into something beautiful, you’re also protecting your expensive investment from dirt, debris, stains, and damage.

5. Upgrade appliances in the house

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This is not that cheap upgrade, but it is an absolutely worthwhile investment. This does not mean that you need to make your home a high tech place that is completely ready for the Internet of things but to upgrade certain outdated appliances. First of all, pay attention to the appliances in the kitchen, as well as TVs. It is something that is used the most and every buyer will notice it first. Refrigerator, microwave, washing machine and TV is more than enough upgrade. You can buy it all for a thousand dollars during Black Friday, and it will leave a very good impression.

6. Arrange the yard

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You have to mow the grass, arrange the flowers and trees. Everything must be very neat and beautiful. Then buy new garden chairs and a table, because the old ones are certainly already damaged by the weather. Add to that the lighting, the best that works on solar energy, and you will have a whole new look of the yard.

7. Change the front door

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The front door is one of the first things seen in every house. That is why it is necessary to leave a good impression. It would be best to buy a new one because with a painted facade, it will give a fantastic look to your house and the buyer will immediately like it. Maybe even because of that, he ignores some shortcomings that he will see later. As with painting a house, choose a neutral color and of course, it is important that they match the facade.


There are many more things you can do to improve your home before you sell. Paint the fence and pay attention to the ancillary facilities in the yard, if you have any. Check the condition of the roof, because no one will buy a house that is leaking. Also, if you have a pool, check if it needs repair. Whatever you can repair or buy new because it will bring you a big jump in value. After you sell your house, you would be probably search for a new one. If you have never looked for the house before, guide on yourcalvert.com for more information about that.